A Quiche or a savory tart? What do you think?

I’m not sure! Some people insist on calling it a quiche and some people are quite happy with the term savory tart! I can go into a whole explanation of the differences between the two, but in short….a tart can be savory  or sweet or whereas a quiche can only be savory.
A quiche consists of a pastry shell filled with a savory custard made with eggs, cream, seasoning and a whole array of other ingredients such as onions, mushrooms, ham, shellfish or herbs.

Who does not know a quiche Lorraine, which has some bacon bits and cheese (like GRUYERE ) added to the custard filling. I am going to let you in on a little secret of mine. I am often asked how I get my quiches so rich and creamy. Well first of all, I choose my filling with great care. I serve my quiches as meals, so I prefer them to be substantial. I like adding potato, butternut, meats, fish and loads of cheese. For me, the custard is just the “glue” that holds the whole thing together. Take this Corn and Polenta quiche, it is absolutely packed with cheese and bold flavors such as smoked country ham. A Blue Cheese Quiche needs  only a small side salad and it will be perfect for a quick supper or light lunch! A firm family favorite is my Broccoli, Feta and Peppadew Quiche– there is nothing bland about this one! So what is my secret?

– Actually I have two? First, the shell. I always use this cheese crust. I might change the cheese now and then just to ring the changes, but adding cheese to the crust, already adds a whack of flavor.

– I always add a tub of cream cheese to my custard. It gives the quiche a cheesecake-like consistency. It never fails, your custard is never watery and although it adds calories and a few extra cents to the final product, it is so worth it. I would love for you to try this recipe, but if you have your own, try these two changes and I am eagerly awaiting your responses. 

Serrano Ham, Potato and Onion Quiche

For the crust

Place the following in processor:

250ml flour
250ml strong cheddar cheese, grated
125ml soft butter
1 tsp dry mustard

Process until it comes together in a ball of pastry – rest for 20min(if you can).
Press dough out into a quiche pan.


For the filling
2 large potatoes – peeled and finely diced
2 large onions – peeled and finely diced
vegetable oil
½ tsp smoked paprika
6 eggs
250 gr cream cheese
1 cup matured cheddar – grated
125ml cream or milk
6 slices or Serrano or any other smoked ham
fresh rocket for serving
Preheat oven to 180 C. Heat the vegetable oil in a pan and saute the onions and potato cubes until soft and cooked. Let it cool slightly while you make the custard.  In a mixing bowl, beat the eggs and milk/cream together. Add the cream cheese and beat some more. Add the cheddar cheese. Now place the onions and potato on the base of the pastry shell and gently pour the custard over it. Roll the ham in a rose-like fashion and place them  in  the custard so that when you cut a slice, each slice of quiche will have a piece of ham in it. Bake in  for about 30-40 minutes until the filling feels firm to the touch. Cool  and serve with a side salad or some fresh rocket.

Cooks note – Experiment with different cheeses or even different flavored cream cheese.
 So, what do you think, quiche or savory tart? What is your favorite filling?