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Proudly South African Seafood Potjiekos

Potjiekos is as South African as Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu and Table Mountain and I am convinced if all the politicians in South Africa would join me for a delicious Seafood Potjiekos, maybe… Continue reading

One can of tuna – Tuna Pinwheels

Who would have imagined that a humble can of tuna could cause such a stir. I have had such a response to the first of my series, One can of tuna – Tuna… Continue reading

One can of Tuna -Tuna Pie

Question: How do you tun-a-fish?   Answer: ” Howzit fish? Just a silly joke I have heard on the streets here in Cape Town, but because tuna is seen as a bit common and… Continue reading

Mackerel Baked in Lemon flavored Salt

The idea of baking a whole fish in salt has been with me for quite some time. I don’t know whether it is because I think the fish will be deliciously moist or… Continue reading

Tuna-Fish-Cakes with Lemon Aioli, pretty Smart I think!

How do you tuna fish? You say: “Howzit fish?”, Such a lame joke, but my children kill themselves laughing everytime they catch some unsuspected victim. We love tuna whether it is fresh or… Continue reading

A Mexican Recipe for Fish and Bean Salsa – Buen Apetito!

I do have not many Mexican recipes in my repertoire and quite frankly I am a bit cautious of cooking authentic Mexican food. I know we can all make fajitas and quesidillas, but… Continue reading

Fish Recipes – Snoek Terrine

Snoek, being on the SASSI approved fish list, is an ideal ingredient to make this Meatless Monday recipe even better. “Snoek, or Tyrsites atun, is an edible fish that is native to South… Continue reading

Best Seafood Stew I’ve ever had……

It really was the Best Seafood Stew that I have ever had……it was fragrant, light and slightly spicy. Although it is still definitely summer around here, yesterday for some reason it was rainy… Continue reading

Bean Recipes – Warm Bean and Potato Salad!

  Bean recipes are what I look for these days when I open a new food magazine or recipe book. “Why?” would you ask and would say, “because we are eating more and… Continue reading

Snoek – A delicasy from the heart of the Capelands

“Snoek, or Tyrsites atun, is an edible fish that is native to South African, South American and Australian waters. It is a silvery and oily fish, traditional to the Cape. It is available… Continue reading

Hermanus – South Africa – our favorite holiday destination.

Picture courtesy of Google imagesHermanus is within reach of Cape Town International Airport and renowned for its champagne air,long stretches of beach, mild climate, rich floral kingdom and friendly environment.“Hermanus, also described as… Continue reading

Angelfish with Millet Risotto makes a very interesting meal!

Snoek is a fish that is indigenous to South African waters and is available during the winter months when you can see fisherman trying to sell their “Day’s Catch” on the side of… Continue reading

Spaghetti with Clams

   Linguine with Clams is such a classic recipe, yet I have never made it, well not until last night that is! I had to use spaghetti as that was the only pasta… Continue reading

Sushi for beginners…..

On Friday is my birthday and when you get to this time of your life, you try and avoid big celebrations. Thank goodness for people like my wonderful mother-in-law who thinks that birthdays… Continue reading

Calamari Salad…..easy, fast but stunning food!

Things have been pretty hectic around here with catering, a test series at school and a car being in the garage for repairs so not much planning has gone into family meals. I… Continue reading

Salmon to start a Birthday bash!!!!!!

Susan from Sticky, Gooey, Creamy,Chewy is hosting a big, virtual birthday bash to celebrate her Blogiversary and has asked everyone to bring their best party dish. You can read more about this bash… Continue reading

Portuguese Sardines with Spring Herbs

Fish is good for you…we all know that. The learned people also say that the smaller the fish you eat the better it is for you. Smaller fish have not been exposed to… Continue reading

Trout with Almonds and wonderful memories.

Franschoek  to me must be one of the most beautiful places in Cape Town and we were fortunate to have our youth Camp there this weekend. Franschoek is one of the oldest towns… Continue reading

Beer-battered Fish….the perfect Street food!

People all over the world love Streetfood and every country has its own version of this Grab-n-run-meal….pizza, hamburgers, springrolls, tacos, wraps etc. As you go through the posts you see recipes for all… Continue reading

Thai flavors and a quick supper.

I am a complete novice when it comes to making Thai food, but my taste buds have been yearning a bowl of spicy Thai noodles for a long time. I also wanted to… Continue reading