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Smoked Snoek Tartlets and Soup for a quick supper!

A dozen of these Smoked Snoek Tartlets and some chunky vegetable soup, saved my behind last night for supper. I don’t know about you, but my days are definitely a few hours too… Continue reading

Countdown to Christmas Menu – Starters

Yes! The countdown to Christmas has begun and in 20 days we will hopefully all be celebrating with friends and family whether it be at our homes, a some beach resort or a … Continue reading

Proudly South African Seafood Potjiekos

Potjiekos is as South African as Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu and Table Mountain and I am convinced if all the politicians in South Africa would join me for a delicious Seafood Potjiekos, maybe… Continue reading

Two Oceans Cookoff…and the winners are…..

In Cape Town this month the Two Oceans Cook Off  followed quickly on the heels of the Master Chef Style cooking competition at the Table Bay. It was different to the Table Bay… Continue reading

One can of tuna – Tuna Pinwheels

Who would have imagined that a humble can of tuna could cause such a stir. I have had such a response to the first of my series, One can of tuna – Tuna… Continue reading

One can of Tuna -Tuna Pie

Question: How do you tun-a-fish?   Answer: ” Howzit fish? Just a silly joke I have heard on the streets here in Cape Town, but because tuna is seen as a bit common and… Continue reading

Shrimp/Prawns, call it what you like. Let’s just boil it!

I think my fascination with shrimp or prawns started when Bubba said to Forest Gump: “Anyway, like I was sayin’, shrimp is the fruit of the sea. You can barbecue it, boil it,… Continue reading

Cook and Enjoy – Traditional Smoorsnoek – a Cape Classic

“Cook and Enjoy” is a South African treasure as much as Table Mountain, Nelson Mandela, rugby and of course Traditional Smoorsnoek which I will deal with in the latter part of this post.… Continue reading

Big Fish Pie – enough to feed a hungry lot!

This big-fish-pie will NEVER be big enough, I promise you. It does not matter if you make a double batch, it will be gobbled up in no time. I don’t know what it… Continue reading

Shrimp or prawns? For this Avocado Ritz you can use both!

There is major confusion about the difference between shrimp and prawns. Fact is, it is really not the same thing, however confusion arises when we hear Americans refer to prawns as “shrimp”.Physically they… Continue reading

A Mexican Recipe for Fish and Bean Salsa – Buen Apetito!

I do have not many Mexican recipes in my repertoire and quite frankly I am a bit cautious of cooking authentic Mexican food. I know we can all make fajitas and quesidillas, but… Continue reading

Fish Cakes or Crab Cakes – you choose!

I have posted many fish cake recipes on this site, because you see, fish cakes go down really well in this house. Let me see, first there was Fish Cakes with Mushy Peas,… Continue reading

Soufflé with Smoked Snoek and Goat’s Cheese

Making a Soufflé has always been kind of tricky for me up till now. I’ve made some disaster soufflés in the past, yet I keep on trying, because I have this thing about… Continue reading

Best Seafood Stew I’ve ever had……

It really was the Best Seafood Stew that I have ever had……it was fragrant, light and slightly spicy. Although it is still definitely summer around here, yesterday for some reason it was rainy… Continue reading

Grilled Fish – Scrumptious summer food

Grilled fish, grilled chicken, grilled steak… might think Nina is totally lost it and that this blog will never return to what it was. Well, this site is all about making cooking “easy”… Continue reading

Bean Recipes – Warm Bean and Potato Salad!

  Bean recipes are what I look for these days when I open a new food magazine or recipe book. “Why?” would you ask and would say, “because we are eating more and… Continue reading

Seafood Pasta does not have to be so complicated!

Seafood pasta really does not have to be all that elaborate and expensive. Yes, I know you can add lobster, crab, clams and whatever other expensive ingredients you can lay your hands on,… Continue reading

Sardines/pilchards – they make the healthiest fish cakes …I think!

Sardines or pilchards must be the humblest of all seafood and yet it is packed with vital nutrients like Omega 3 – fatty acids as well as vit D, Calcium and B12. Taking… Continue reading

Fresh Salad with Prawns, Pineapple and Pomegranate!

“A fresh salad is what I desperately need, ” declared my husband on our way back from a few glorious days at our house in Colchester on the Sundays River. I have to… Continue reading

Asian Recipes – Panfried Hake with Spicy Satay salad

Asian recipes have always inspired me and although I am not at all claiming to know a lot, I learn new recipes every day and I would say from eating Thai food every… Continue reading