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Making Paneer on RSG in anticipation of a weekend at the Cheese Festival

Make your way to the Cheese Festival near Stellenbosch this weekend, otherwise you will be missing out big time. If you are a cheese-o-holic like me, this is the place for you! You… Continue reading

Halloumi Wraps with Curried Peach Chutney

With these Halloumi wraps we jumped right back into the no-meat phase after we cheated a quite few times this weekend. I started cheating already on Thursday, but hubby only realized he was… Continue reading

Honey and Mustard Pork Sausages with Roasted Onion Dip

These Honey and Mustard Pork Sausages with Roasted Onion Dip was not only a mouthful-title for my post but also most delicious mouthfuls to eat. The flavors were so perfectly balanced with the… Continue reading

Ricotta and Edemame Bean Pate for New Year’s Eve!

The Ricotta and Edemame Bean Pate is ideal for a festive end to the old year, but at the same time sets the trend for a healthier and lighter 2012. With all the… Continue reading

Bacon, Camembert and golden syrup piled on corn fritters – heaven on a plate!

Bacon…….Camembert and  syrup must rank right there at the top of my favorites-things-to-eat-list! Let me begin by saying, this recipe is not for the faint-hearted….it will not be found in any diet manual,… Continue reading

A Blue Cheese Dip for my Stout Hearted Onion Rings

Blue Cheese…you either love it or hate it. There is no “in-between” in this love affair.  People(like me) who love blue cheese will have it with and on everything, like Blue Cheese and… Continue reading

Meatless Monday Feta Cheese Puffs

We are really getting the hang of Meatless Mondays these days and I find that we are even having meat free meals on other days of the week too, which is a good… Continue reading

Sweet Onion and Goat’s Cheese Quiche – Scrumptious!

This Sweet Onion and Goat’s Cheese quiche is without a doubt the most delicious quiche I have ever made….and I make many! With quiches I can prepare and cook my meals in the… Continue reading

3 course Sandwiches for Meatless Monday

“3 Course Sandwiches!” was my answer to his question. “What are we eating tonight?” After I’ve said it, there was this long prolonged silence which ended in a deep sigh. “Is there a… Continue reading

Butternut Gnocchi with Sage and Blue Cheese

Gnocchi  in the middle of November is not at all strange for people in the Northern Hemisphere where winter has finally arrived, but we are supposed to be in the middle of summer… Continue reading

Fairview Bloggers Competition – let the voting begin!

Fairview Bloggers Competition, sounds easy doesn’t it? Recipe has to include Fairview Camembert, still no problem right? Wait until you see the food gurus I am up against and you will know that… Continue reading

Rissotto has only one "s" – Risotto!

Rissoto/risotto, I am ashamed to say, only crept into my foodie repertoire a few years back. I can’t tell you why I was is intimidated to try this Italian classic, but the truth… Continue reading

Soufflé with Smoked Snoek and Goat’s Cheese

Making a Soufflé has always been kind of tricky for me up till now. I’ve made some disaster soufflés in the past, yet I keep on trying, because I have this thing about… Continue reading

Melanzane Parmigiana – Eggplant Parmesan

Melanzane Parmigiane, Melanzane alla Parmigiana, Melanzane di Parmigiana….I’m confused! What the heck is the correct spelling? In my house we simply call it Eggplant Parmesan or baked eggplant. I do not care much… Continue reading

Phyllo Baked Camembert with Red wine and Onion Jam!

Share Camembert is one of the most famous French Cheeses and it is definitely my favorite cheese. Finding empty cheese wrappers every time I open the cheese compartment in my fridge, is enough reason… Continue reading

Quiches – Tomato, Spinach and Ricotta is a perfect combination!

Quiches of all kinds and flavors go down very well in my household. I love making quiches, so when I decide “ok, today is quiche day”, it normally means that friends and family… Continue reading

Wrap it – Blackforest Ham, Watercress and Camembert !

If I say the word “wraps”, I bet your mind will immediately go to “Mexican food”, “spicy food” or even KFC. We had quite a few cold and rainy days in the last… Continue reading

SA Cheese Festival 2009!!!

I was fortunate to receive 2 complimentary tickets to the annual SA Cheese Festival , compliments of Jenny Morris(thanks Jenny!!!). The drive out to Franschhoek was a treat because it surely is one… Continue reading

Easy snacks – Ricotta Crumpets with Mulberries!

Crumpets or flapjacks as we call them here, are my children’s favorite snack when days are cold and rainy like yesterday! So when they got into the car at school, it was like… Continue reading

Mushrooms and Blue Cheese on Ciabatta – perfect for a back-to-school lunch!!!

Light lunches or a mid-day( at 2 o’clock when school comes out) snack is always a problem for me, because we have our dinner at night, so it can’t be too heavy, but… Continue reading