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Pumpkin Fritters

I posted this recipe for pumpkin fritters about 2 years ago and have sins adapted the recipe to improve the taste. Not that there was anything wrong with the original recipe, I just… Continue reading

Creamy, dreamy mushroom sauce!

This is the mushroom sauce you have always been dreaming of. Ser-i-aasssss, (Serious) people, you have to trust me on this one. My “critics” voted this the best sauce I have ever made… Continue reading

Chickpea Thai Curry

When I posted this picture of my Chickpea Thai Curry on Face book last week, asking people what they thought it was, most people got the answer right, but did not have faintest… Continue reading

Sarah Graham from Bitten cooks on RSG

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Ming-Cheau Lin cooks on RSG

Thinking of butterfingers bring visions of eating freshly cooked mealies with butter running down my fingers so when I read about this blog called Butterfingers, the last thing on my mind was Taiwanese… Continue reading

Creamy Potato and Butternut Cake

When I took this Creamy Potato and Butternut Cake from the oven I had this huge happy smile on my face. I love how a meal sometimes just comes together, not quite how… Continue reading

Chef Privé Cooks on RSG

Yes, it is Thursday again and that means I get get to feature another fabulous South African good blogger on RSG just after 9. If you want to see previously featured bloggers, you… Continue reading

Love Bites on RSG and we’re making sizzling summer salad.

When I invited Caylee from the blog “Love Bites” to join me for my regular RSG slot on Thursday morning, I asked her to send me a couple of recipes so that I… Continue reading

An age-old curry recipe – Curry Beans

Of all the curry recipes I use, this recipe for curry beans is my favorite meatless or vegetarian recipe. I feel so good when I make this, because although it has all the… Continue reading

Potato Latkes with Bacon and Guacamole

Potato latkes, potato fritters, potato pancakes……what’s in a name? In the end, what matters is that the key ingredient is potatoes and I think I might have told you before……I LOVE POTATOES! I… Continue reading

Healthy Vegetable Spring Rolls

Biting into a greasy Vegetable Spring Roll must be one of my ultimate closet pleasures. Whenever I visit a food market or fete, I am absolutely driven by my craving for this delicious,… Continue reading

Jack Parow ‘s Braai Broodjie – When kitch becomes cool!

Jack Parow‘ s Braai Broodjie! Has Nina gone mad? Why Jack Parow and what’s he got to do with a Braai Broodjie(toasted sandwich)? For those of you who don’t know,  Jack Parow is… Continue reading

Vegetarian or not, you will love this Pâté with Portbello mushrooms

Pâté with mushrooms is not what our forefathers had in mind when they defined  the word “Pâté” as a mixture of ground meat and fat minced into a spreadable paste. They were thinking… Continue reading

Lemony Coleslaw – Tasty and Tart!

If you give me half a chance, I would sneak lemon into all my recipes. That is the one flavor I cannot live or cook without. A dash of lemon can change recipes… Continue reading

Snacks – Vegetable Chip and Dip

It is that time of the year where we all love to have unlimited ideas for snacks or snack food. People have staff parties, class parties and  pool parties as if it is… Continue reading

Snacks – Eggplant Antipasto Recipe

Snacks, snacks and more snacks….phew, I’m tired just thinking about it! It is the time of year where I wish I had a personal caterer who would, at the drop of a hat… Continue reading

You say tomato, I say tomahto

I love Louis Amstrong and I love tomatoes, amongst so many other things, but today we’re talking tomatoes. Now what does Louis Amstrong and Tomatoes have in common you might ask? Remember the… Continue reading

My La Colombe Inspired Beetroot Tarts

On my birthday this year, I was treated to a five course tasting menu at the much acclaimed La Colombe Restaurant on the Constantia Uitsig Estate. My husband made me swear on the… Continue reading

Baking Tarts for Dummies

“Baking Tarts for Dummies” could easily be a sequel to all the books with similar titles that are already on the shelves. I sometimes wonder where all these titles are coming from?  “Chewing… Continue reading

Red Wine Risotto with Pan-fried Shiitake Mushrooms

Creamy red wine risotto, delicious buttery shiitake mushrooms served with perfectly grilled Karoo-lamb chops sounds like top notch cooking doesn’t it? The kind of  food you would expect to get in a fine… Continue reading