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Countdown to Christmas Menu – Fruity Leg of Lamb

One week has passed since I posted my last Countdown to Christmas Festive Roulade and now time is running out if you have not booked or ordered your favorite Christmas Roast.Although many families… Continue reading

Fruity Lamb Kofta on Warm Homemade pitas

To eat a Fruity Lamb Kofta on a homemade pita in real life, you have two choices! You can either spend a fortune and travel to some exotic Mediterranean destination or you can… Continue reading

Win a Potjiekos Competition with Lamb Shanks and a chef in the making…….

Did you know  that there is a potjiekos( a stew that is prepared outdoors in a black cast iron pot) recipe for every outdoor(ish) kinda dad in this country of ours. Everyone swears… Continue reading

Lamb, Rosemary, garlic and Lemon – A successful partnership indeed!

Lamb, Rosemary, garlic and Lemon is such a classic combination, isn’t it? A partnership that that just works, like Ozzie and Sharon, Bonnie and Clyde or Ike and Tina Turner. It is a… Continue reading

Bunny Chow – South African street food

Bunny Chow! What more can I teach you about this hot and spicy tummy filler? Jeanne the Cooksister has made it, Juno from Scrumptious South Africa has made cute little bite-size bunny chows… Continue reading

A lamb burger recipe that will make your tastebuds jump with joy!

Lamb burger recipes are by far not as commonly found as beef burger recipes, but once you’ve taste a succulent, grilled lamb burger, you will find it extremely difficult to convert back to… Continue reading

Shepherds Pie or Cottage Pie?

Share Shepherds Pie was first made  in England in the 1870’s and it differs somewhat from other pie recipes in that it has a base of ground meat with a layer of mashed… Continue reading

Lamb Recipe with Moroccan Spices – you just have to try it!!!

This easy Lamb Recipe with Moroccan spices is is one of my favorite lamb recipes. The zing of the orange and the pomegranates and the orange and the punch of the wonderful Moroccan… Continue reading

Leg of Lamb is just perfect to make this Delicious Ragu…

Leg of Lamb Leftovers…? I hear you ask! What you do mean: “Do you have any Leg of Lamb leftovers?” “Definitely not!Not after we’ve had the lunch and made the Sunday Night sandwiches… Continue reading

Grilling Recipes – Braai4heritage Day

Pack out your grilling recipes, summer is here and what better way to celebrate this than to have a whole day dedicated to this age old South African tradition. On Thursday 24 September,… Continue reading

Lamb recipes – Slow Roasted Lamb Loin with Red wine and Mint Infused Jous

Of all the lamb recipes, roast leg of lamb must surely be the most popular, but once you have tasted this de-boned loin, slow-roasted with a red wine jus, I think you will… Continue reading

Moroccan Lamb and Couscous

A while back( I am embarrassed to say), my friend Wendy from Mint Tea & Tagine send me a lovely surprise all the way from Morocco. It was a little wooden camel, a… Continue reading

Leg of Lamb – roasted to perfection

Leg of lamb, slow roasted to perfection is surely the ultimate indulgence when it comes to Sunday Lunch…well, for me it definitely is!! With food prices climbing weekly now, it is not on… Continue reading

Tuscan Lamb and Bean Stew

It is the time of the year where I can haul out the all the stew and soup recipes that I have been bookmarking and collecting. Yes, the weather is changing and today… Continue reading

Oven-baked Risotto with Lamb "Espetada’s"

Today we are off to Italy and Portugal for our culinary trip. I must say my family and I are enjoying these “journeys” to all the different countries. I made a dry rub,… Continue reading

Grilled Organic Lamb

Barbeque, braai (pron: bri), grilling, call it what you like, it is still one of the most favorite ways to prepare meat. If you can find organic spring lamb you have the basis… Continue reading

Lamb chops with a Malay twist….

Sosaties(Pronounced: sui-sah-ti’s) are to be found on many a traditional South African barbecue. It consists of pieces of lamb on a skewer, but it is not a kebab!! I found this post on… Continue reading

Tomato Stew – Another South African gem!

We had a whole weekend of rain and to top it all I had two sick children – nothing serious, just the sniffles, but they needed mommy’s TLC. MY hands were full, doing… Continue reading

Cape Malay Curry

I have posted Lamb Curry before, but because Cape Town has such a diverse population, there are all kinds of different curry recipes. I like a hot Indian curry at times, but my… Continue reading

Cape Malay Curry

Curry – you either love it, or hate it. I often hear people say that they do not eat curry, but cannot help to wonder if they know just how many kinds of… Continue reading