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Greek Honey Cakes

I had these Greek Honey Cakes in my mind the minute I woke up yesterday morning. For a change we had no sport, no birthday parties and no shopping to do….just a chilaxing… Continue reading

Chocolate Samosas – hardly a recipe!

You don’t need a recipe to make these Chocolate Samosas! I know that by saying this, I am shooting myself in the foot, because this is after all a recipe blog and why… Continue reading

Fired up and Cooking Amarula Malva Pudding on RSG

Malva pudding must be South Africa’s most favorite dessert. Actually a winter dessert, but any full-blooded South African, will eat Malva Pudding year in  and year out.Another typically south African activity is camping… Continue reading

Mini Butterscotch and Banana Pavlovas on RSG

I had to think long and hard about this weeks radio program on RSG. The recipe was the easy part. The pavlova was a request from our house guest, the banana and butterscotch… Continue reading

Semifredo Cheesecakes for Valentine’s Day

If the path to a man’s heart goes through his stomach then I think desserts are to be found on this path often, at least to my husband’s heart. With Valentine’s Day 2… Continue reading

Mini Ricotta Cheesecakes with Raspberries

I developed this recipe for these Mini Ricotta Cheesecakes while racking my brain for dessert recipes that are slightly less harmful to the waistline as the ones we have been having over the… Continue reading

Countdown to Christmas Menu – Ice-cream in two different ways!

In our Countdown to Christmas, I could not resist adding another dessert to our already packed dessert buffet for Christmas. We already have mom’s trifle, a Festive Meringue Roulade, Christmas Pudding complete with… Continue reading

Countdown to Christmas Menu – Festive Fruit Lollies

Countdown to Christmas Menu – My Festive Roulade on RSG

Today we move from Starters on our Christmas Countdown Menu to desserts! Yes, your eyes are not misreading something, nor have you missed the “Main Course”, but last week on RSG I promised… Continue reading

Ice Cream makes it all better

Ice cream makes it all better or shall I say this is what Hollywood wants me to believe, because in every love story at some stage the girl with the broken heart, would… Continue reading

Off to RSG to make a cheesecake with Chef Caro!

When I start prepping for my radio show on RSG every Thursday morning, I literally have to pinch myself just to remember how privileged I feel to work with all the passionate foodies… Continue reading

Oatmeal and Almond Strawberry Crumble

The arrival of fresh strawberries on our market shelves was quite a welcoming site and with this Oatmeal and Almond Strawberry Crumble I wanted to celebrate the departure of winter and  the arrival… Continue reading

The Croissant Pudding that made it to My Easy Cooking and RSG!

The croissant pudding that made it to this site had to be special, because (I’m ashamed to say)  I am not a croissant kind of girl. I’m more of a English muffin or… Continue reading

Honey and Malteser(s) – A Cupcake Delux!

Honey, Malteser(s) and cream cheese, all captured into one delectable cupcake, must be as close to sweet heaven as you could possibly get.This is not a cupcake for a sissy, you have to… Continue reading

Chocolate Brownies without Chocolate?

Chocolate Brownies without chocolate? You’ve got to be kidding me! Oh no, I kid you not, I think I finally cracked it! You see this quest of mine has been going on for… Continue reading

Chocolate Truffles for your lover!

These chocolate truffles are so seductive and decadent, they should have featured on this blog around Valentine’s Day. Sadly(or shall I say gladly) I had other chocolate addictions at the time, I made… Continue reading

Be my Valentine and I’ll bake you some Chocolate Hearts!

Valentine’s Day! For some a commercialized money making scheme, for some a long forgotten memory, but for someone it still is one of the most special days on the yearly calender. I remember… Continue reading

Cappacino Banoffee Pie – A delicious mouthful

Banoffee Pie – As a child I had no clue what it was, I did not even know such a word exist! What I did know about was a Banana and Caramel Flan… Continue reading

Funky Orange Sorbet

I had such an overwhelming response to the Watermelon sorbet I posted last week that I have to assume  everyone is still very much in a festive holiday mood and that no one… Continue reading

Watermelon Sorbet – the first of many sorbets to come!

I was a sorbet virgin for many years, always dreaming of one day being able to make it myself. Then last year some time, I tried it for the first time and made… Continue reading