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Going on a Cooking and baking Safari with The Food Fox

Safari dried fruits and nuts have been around for many years and, just like me, I think you also might have fond memories of some or other confectionery from your mom or grans… Continue reading

Italian Meatball Sub and other man stuff!

If you research the word “Sub” on the Internet, you get answers such as submarine, subscription, substitute, but the two explanations that I caught my attention were “sub”, referring to sub-woofer and “sub”… Continue reading

It is a (Steak) Wrap!

Wraps are the latest in fast food trends here at My Easy Cooking HQ. Gone with the Happy meals, the Streetwise two’s and the pizza cravings and in with the Beef or Chicken… Continue reading

Spaghetti and Meatballs – Refreshingly different!

Spaghetti and Meatballs, what a classic. I bet many households have it on their menus at least once a week, maybe once a fortnight, yet still it is a favorite amongst young and… Continue reading

A fragrant Coffee Rub – Get in the mood for National Braai Day

It is National Braai Day again and it is hard to believe that a year has gone by since I posted this. With the 2011 RWC well underway, South Africans are literally spending… Continue reading

A Beef stew light enough for Spring and Summer

Beef stew is normally associated with cold, wet winters and in my book beef stews should be dark and rich in color. We are however experiencing the strangest weather here in Cape Town,… Continue reading

Guinness Beef and Leek Pie!

This Guinness Beef and Leek Pie could easily have been called a 3-day pie or a This-is-taking-forever-pie, because that is how long it has taken me to make it. Why it took that… Continue reading

Caponata – Delicious in more ways than one!

One could say that Caponata is the Italian version of Ratatouille, because it has similar ingredients such as egg plant and peppers, but that is definitely where the resemblance stops, because Caponata is… Continue reading

Easy Beef Enchiladas – Too tasty to be Low GI

Beef Enchiladas and Low GI, not necessarily two concepts that gel together, but as I have explained earlier in the week with my Low GI Mexican Fish Cakes, a small alteration here and… Continue reading

Sirloin Steak with Shiraz Salt and Pink Peppercorns – This could be one for the ladies!

Steak is normally associated with men and it is no wonder then that some steak houses have an “old man’s rump” as one of their options. Usually, this implies that it is a… Continue reading

Sloppy Joes – what’s your definition?

What is a Sloppy Joe? Is it: a) a sandwich of ground beef or mince cooked in a spicy tomato or barbecue sauce and served on a bun. b) an overlarge, baggy  sweater… Continue reading

M&M’s – Meatballs and Mash Potatoes!

M and M’s, do you know those little sweets that supposedly doesn’t melt in your hand? Well, we’re not talking about those today.( Hah, got you there didn’t I?) We are talking about… Continue reading

Beef Tacos – I think I’m beginning to like Mexican Food!

Beef tacos made with ground beef is Americanized food, Tex-Mex, I hear. Authentic Mexican food is made with shredded boneless beef, no shortcuts!  I would not know, I have never been to Mexico… Continue reading

Best steak I have ever had, really!

My family thinks I cook the best steak and I have always thought I CAN cook a mean steak, but let me tell you, on Friday I was knocked right off the podium… Continue reading

Cooking Roast Beef and Creamed Horseradish and another great Sandwich!

British people eat roast beef, Yorkshire puddings, gravy and roast potatoes for lunch!At least that is what I have always believed about British people. Just like, I am sure, foreigners to our country… Continue reading

This Panini Steak Sandwich could easily be my best ever!

I’m a sucker for a good sandwich! What do you mean “it can’t be” Of course it can,  I mean really, it has all my favorite ingredients….bread(in whatever form or shape), butter, fresh… Continue reading

Grilling the Perfect Steak

“How to cook the perfect steak!” Many recipes, books, manuals and online articles have been written on this topic   Still, I come across tough, over-cooked, leather-like pieces of meat, even in so-called Steak… Continue reading

Sirloin – Perfect for steaks and perfect for roasts!

Share Sirloin has never been my favorite cut of steak. I have always maintained that you cannot beat the flavor of a well-aged rump of even a rib-eye steak. I have cooked sirloin steaks… Continue reading

Ground Beef Recipe – Bobotie!

A Ground Beef recipe that is authentically South African is Bobotie  and although I don’t make it that often, it goes down really well with my family. Bobotie  is made with ground meat,… Continue reading

Recipes for a crowd – Spaghetti Bolognaise

Tasty Recipes for a crowd is hard to find and the emphasis here is on “Tasty”. I have been to many big functions in my life and the one thing that always bothers… Continue reading