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Malva pudding with dates and pecan nuts

Do I love Malva Pudding? You be the judge, because after this post, I will have 4 varieties of this South African classic in my recipe arsenal. Just when I think, now I… Continue reading

Chocolate Samosas – hardly a recipe!

You don’t need a recipe to make these Chocolate Samosas! I know that by saying this, I am shooting myself in the foot, because this is after all a recipe blog and why… Continue reading

Mini Butterscotch and Banana Pavlovas on RSG

I had to think long and hard about this weeks radio program on RSG. The recipe was the easy part. The pavlova was a request from our house guest, the banana and butterscotch… Continue reading

Semifredo Cheesecakes for Valentine’s Day

If the path to a man’s heart goes through his stomach then I think desserts are to be found on this path often, at least to my husband’s heart. With Valentine’s Day 2… Continue reading

Budget Custard and Caramel Pavlova for end of the month blues!

Making a budget pavlova sounds like a bit of a contradiction doesn’t it? After all this is a rich and very elegant dessert, using only the best ingredients. Any dessert that is named… Continue reading

Countdown to Christmas Menu – My Festive Roulade on RSG

Today we move from Starters on our Christmas Countdown Menu to desserts! Yes, your eyes are not misreading something, nor have you missed the “Main Course”, but last week on RSG I promised… Continue reading

1, 2, 3, 4 Ingredients…Raspberry Cheesecake!

Raspberry Cheesecake made with only 1..2..3..4 ingredients. No way! Well, that was just about my first reaction too when I  heard about  this recipe. Proper cheesecakes are all about whipping cream or egg… Continue reading

Summer Custard Slices

Custard slices…show me a kid who does not like them! I certainly cannot resist them, I find myself standing at the bakery section in the supermarket, totally mesmerized by the rows and rows… Continue reading

Easy Orange Chocolate Mousse

This easy orange Chocolate mousse was one of the recipes I did for the ClemenGold Challenge a while back. We were asked to come op with a few recipes using ClemenGold Easy Peelers… Continue reading

Peach Tarte Tatin

Tarte Tatin is an upside down tart with caramelized fruit inside. Traditionally tarte tatin was made with apples and the apples were caramelized in butter and sugar. You can read all about the… Continue reading

Plum Tarte Tatin with Vanilla and Cardamom Ice-cream

The Tarte Tatin, legend has it, was invented by mistake when a woman by the name of Stéphanie Tatin started to make an ordinary apple pie to serve to their guests in the… Continue reading

Cherries in abundance so lets make cherry dessert!!!

Cherries are always in abundance this time of year and I remember as a child we would always spend a whole day on this  specific farm, picking and eating cherries until our tummies… Continue reading

Tarts – Fruity and Petit!

Tarts – savory or sweet are always winners on any tea table or for any meal, but I think sweet tarts are by far more popular than their savory “cousins”! It is just… Continue reading

Coulis – Unbelievably delicious!!!!

Coulis is the French word for “strained liquid” and that is exactly what it is.The base of a coulis can be from a fruit or a vegetable and it is used in a… Continue reading

Easy Desserts – Caramelized oranges, cheese crackers and goat’s cheese!

I am all for easy desserts, the kind of recipes that you can prep before the time and after your meal, all you have to do is just assemble and serve!!! With an… Continue reading

Millionaire’s Shortbread

Making Millionaire’s Shortbread is not something that I would have willingly decided to make a few months ago, because I could simply just go and buy it at Woolworths. However with all of… Continue reading

Arborio Rice pudding with a Blackberry Compote

Rice Pudding must be one of the most comforting desserts around!! It is velvety, smooth and creamy and not at all difficult to make!! We grew up with rice pudding, but in those… Continue reading

Love- your- heart- this- Valentine’s Day!

Today, 14th February is Valentine’s day and people from all walks of life will for one day at least, “spread the love”. Delicious recipes in red and white have adorned my computer screen… Continue reading

Peach and Plum Crumble!

The stone fruits like peaches, plums nectarines and apricots are still in abundance on the markets even though the weather is starting to change slowly but surely. The sun comes up a little… Continue reading

Grilled Pineapple with Chili and Greek Yogurt!

I have a very simple recipe to share with you today and it will most probably only appeal to the people in the Southern Hemisphere, but it was a show stopper at my… Continue reading