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Honey and Mustard Pork Sausages with Roasted Onion Dip

These Honey and Mustard Pork Sausages with Roasted Onion Dip was not only a mouthful-title for my post but also most delicious mouthfuls to eat. The flavors were so perfectly balanced with the… Continue reading

Paprika Pork and Bean Potjie for campfire nights!

This easy Paprika Pork and Bean Potjie(stew) is definitely going to feature on our menu this holiday. I don’t know about you, but my favorite time of the day while we are on… Continue reading

My Easy Cassoulet or Pork and Bean Stew – you be the judge!

Making a proper French Cassoulet has been a  foodie mission of mine ever since I read A Year in Provence by Peter Mayle. Although it was many years ago, I was so intrigued… Continue reading

Caponata – Delicious in more ways than one!

One could say that Caponata is the Italian version of Ratatouille, because it has similar ingredients such as egg plant and peppers, but that is definitely where the resemblance stops, because Caponata is… Continue reading

A Pork Chop drenched in Crumbs and loaded with Happy Memories!

A thick pork chop drenched in crumbs, served with a ladle full of mashed potatoes and a big helping of buttery sweet peas will always remind me of my days at  University of Stellenbosch or… Continue reading

Master Chef…….Master Class………….master That!

Masterchef Australia has had South African foodies glued to their seats every night for the last couple of months and although it was an old 2009 edition, it showed us all what is… Continue reading

Easy Pork Recipes – Do you have any?

I have quite a few easy pork recipes on this site already, but you will not be offended if I post another one now, would you? We love eating pork and contrary to… Continue reading

Pork Chop and pap – Local is "lekker" here in South Africa!

SharePork Chop and Pap{pronounced : p-u-p, as in puppy) sounds like a very strange combination, doesn’t it. Well, not if you live here in South Africa. You see, “pap” is the staple food… Continue reading

Pork Tenderloin makes the best stroganoff!

SharePork tenderloin is a cut of pork and it refers to the muscle along the central spine portion, which  hangs between the shoulder blade and hip socket. The muscles that support the internal… Continue reading

We love roast pork chops – especially if they’re stuffed.

ShareWhen I hear or see the phrase “roast pork chops”, my heart starts beating faster and my breathing speed rapidly increases. Not only is pork one of the tastier meats for me, but… Continue reading

Herbs and Spices – I cannot imagine cooking without them.

Who can imagine cooking without herbs and spices, even in Ancient times fragrant plants, berries and seeds were used to enhance the flavor of food. Different herbs and spices also give a specific… Continue reading

Grilling Recipes – Braai4heritage Day

Pack out your grilling recipes, summer is here and what better way to celebrate this than to have a whole day dedicated to this age old South African tradition. On Thursday 24 September,… Continue reading

Schnitzels with a twist!

A Schnitzel, all crumbly and golden-brown is definitely one of “My Favorite Things”, but it is a time consuming recipe so it is not often that I make them. I also try and… Continue reading

Bangers and Mash

Bangers and Mash is a perfect example of pub-grub, because it is easy to make, quick to prepare and yet in my opinion perfect comfort food. It is really just a another name… Continue reading


I love pork and although some people might be freaked out by this, we have pork at least once or twice a month. My favorite cut has always been the neck chop, but… Continue reading

Pork Chop stuffed with Ricotta, sundried tomatoes and sage

Everyone talks about a writers block, so I guess what I have experienced this week could be caused by a writers blog(block)!!!! I cooked with my friend and fellow blogger Sophia for a… Continue reading

Citrus Flavored salt,,,,a perfect match for pork!

Recipes for Flavored salts often feature on the blogosphere. Janden from Steamy Kitchen has made Szechuan Peppercorn Salt, Citrus Salt and Matcha salt and the “beloved” Jamie Oliver has also made it a… Continue reading

Pork fillet rolled in Bacon with Porcini and Sundried tomatoes

When entertaining I am always thinking of recipes that would be easy to prepare in advance so that I could spend more time with my guests and less time in the kitchen. These… Continue reading

Roasted Pork belly with Beetroot and Cabernet reduction.

I made this pork recipe a while back, but was not sure I should post it for the simple reason that it looks a bit like a heart attack on a plate. I’ve… Continue reading

Pork and beef to drool over…..

Weekends are for families and friends to get together and I am privileged to be a part of such a tradition. What would a family gathering be without the food and in my… Continue reading