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Green Beans prepared MY WAY – I could have this everyday!!!

Growing Green Beans is the easiest thing to do!!!Remember your early childhood days when leaving a bean under some wet cotton wool so that you could witness the germinating process. I was always… Continue reading

Bean Recipes – Warm Bean and Potato Salad!

  Bean recipes are what I look for these days when I open a new food magazine or recipe book. “Why?” would you ask and would say, “because we are eating more and… Continue reading

Chicken Burger – let’s give it some Thai flavors!!

A chicken burgers can be very bland some days…you  have to do something really spectacular to that chicken by grilling, basting or crumbing it. A good chicken burger on the other hand, can… Continue reading

Boiled eggs – hard or soft…always a treat!

Boiled eggs are a popular breakfast food around the world and here in Cape Town most street vendors sell them. It is cheap, very nutritious and the perfect breakie to have on the… Continue reading

Orecchiette with Napoletana Sauce

Orecchiette is one of the less popular pasta shapes, but since I’ve read Jamie Oliver’s book Jamie’s Italy and saw the Italian mamas and their children sitting around a table making these interesting… Continue reading

Easy Salad Recipes – Let’s wrap it up!!

Easy Salad Recipes! You all should know by now that my site is called “My Easy Cooking” for a reason. I like things easy, quick, effortless and if I could add cheap to… Continue reading

Ground Beef Recipes – Meatballs with banana and onion relish

Ground Beef recipes are in their millions on the internet and in magazines and with a few tweaks of spices and recipes here and there every household has their favorite ground beef recipe.Meatballs… Continue reading

Seafood Pasta does not have to be so complicated!

Seafood pasta really does not have to be all that elaborate and expensive. Yes, I know you can add lobster, crab, clams and whatever other expensive ingredients you can lay your hands on,… Continue reading

Herbs and Spices – I cannot imagine cooking without them.

Who can imagine cooking without herbs and spices, even in Ancient times fragrant plants, berries and seeds were used to enhance the flavor of food. Different herbs and spices also give a specific… Continue reading

Sardines/pilchards – they make the healthiest fish cakes …I think!

Sardines or pilchards must be the humblest of all seafood and yet it is packed with vital nutrients like Omega 3 – fatty acids as well as vit D, Calcium and B12. Taking… Continue reading

Easy Pasta recipes – Penne with Summer Vegetables

Easy pasta recipes are plenty, but it is not always so easy to find healthy pasta recipes. Given the choice my family will also opt for a creamy carbonara, lasagnas and or a… Continue reading

Smoked Chicken Salad with a South African Twist

Smoked Chicken is one of those versatile ingredients that can make a great sandwich, give flavor to a pasta dish, is perfect for a fritata or make a wonderful salad. As you all… Continue reading

Fresh Salad with Prawns, Pineapple and Pomegranate!

“A fresh salad is what I desperately need, ” declared my husband on our way back from a few glorious days at our house in Colchester on the Sundays River. I have to… Continue reading

Grilling Recipes – Braai4heritage Day

Pack out your grilling recipes, summer is here and what better way to celebrate this than to have a whole day dedicated to this age old South African tradition. On Thursday 24 September,… Continue reading

Lamb recipes – Slow Roasted Lamb Loin with Red wine and Mint Infused Jous

Of all the lamb recipes, roast leg of lamb must surely be the most popular, but once you have tasted this de-boned loin, slow-roasted with a red wine jus, I think you will… Continue reading

Risotto recipes- Spring Risotto with peas and goat’s cheese!

Risotto is my ultimate comfort food and I am always willing to try another risotto recipe – and I already have quite a large selection!!! My first risotto that I tried was a… Continue reading

Sausage recipes – Patatas Bravas with aromatic Boerewors!

Sausage can mean so many different things to so many different people. In Germany it means, bratwurst, knackwurst, Bierschinken, Blutwurst, Bockwurst to mention but a few. In France we can enjoy Saucisson a… Continue reading

Grilling Chicken – Spicy Spatchcock Chicken that is!

Grilling chicken can be tricky and trust me I have eaten a few disasters in my time. I cannot stand undercooked chicken. When there is the slightest hint of pink or bloodiness near… Continue reading

Asian Recipes – Panfried Hake with Spicy Satay salad

Asian recipes have always inspired me and although I am not at all claiming to know a lot, I learn new recipes every day and I would say from eating Thai food every… Continue reading

Easy pasta recipes- Pasta with Biltong, butternut and bacon!!!

More easy pasta recipes, you would ask? How is it possible that there can be more pasta recipes? As you search the internet, you will find that pasta is no longer just enjoyed… Continue reading