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The Food Fox on RSG

This Thursday just after 9 on RSG, I will be in the studio with Ilse van der Merwe from the blog, The Food Fox. We will be making a delicious summer salad. Perfect… Continue reading

Love Bites on RSG and we’re making sizzling summer salad.

When I invited Caylee from the blog “Love Bites” to join me for my regular RSG slot on Thursday morning, I asked her to send me a couple of recipes so that I… Continue reading


This week’s blogger that will be featured on RSG on Thursday morning is the bubbly Christie-Anne Wolmarans from Johannesburg. Judging by the flavors that she has combined in this recipe, I can see… Continue reading

Mediterranean -Pasta-in-Minutes!

You can literally make this Mediterranean Pasta in Minutes – the amount of minutes it takes to boil the pasta! Yes, that is how quick and easy it is! If you can slice… Continue reading

Summer Capsicum Pasta Salad

Summer is here in full bloom people, days are hot and with the last Christmas shopping to be done, days are rather sweaty too. I can tell you, the last thing on my… Continue reading

Potato Salad – Dare I even try to make it?

Potato Salad and I…..not compatible! A potato salad that can even remotely compare with that of my sister’s, my mother’s or even my aunt’s, has eluded me for as long as I can… Continue reading

Master Chef…….Master Class………….master That!

Masterchef Australia has had South African foodies glued to their seats every night for the last couple of months and although it was an old 2009 edition, it showed us all what is… Continue reading

You say tomato, I say tomahto

I love Louis Amstrong and I love tomatoes, amongst so many other things, but today we’re talking tomatoes. Now what does Louis Amstrong and Tomatoes have in common you might ask? Remember the… Continue reading

Grilled Chicken, Fig and Rocket Salad

This divine Grilled Chicken, fig and rocket salad was my first salad attempt for Summer 2010, although the weather patterns are still a bit risky to say it is officially summer. Today again… Continue reading

Verlaque Contest – I chose not to cook at all!

My first taste of Verlaque products I had at the Food and Wine Show of  2007. I was fascinated with all the different flavors, splashes and infused balsamic reductions. At the time, my… Continue reading

Bread Salad ….or isn’t it?????

Bread salad or Tomato Salad……what shall we call it? A Bread Salad or Panzanella requires no cooking at all and is basically just stale Italian bread mixed in a salad with tomatoes, cucumber,… Continue reading

Easy Salad Recipes – Let’s wrap it up!!

Easy Salad Recipes! You all should know by now that my site is called “My Easy Cooking” for a reason. I like things easy, quick, effortless and if I could add cheap to… Continue reading

Baby Leaf Salad with Prickly Pear and a passionfruit vinaigrette

I love to combine fruit and vegetables in the same salad. The sweet and savory flavors on one plate really appeal to me! At the moment I am trying to make the most… Continue reading

Nectarine and Goat’s Cheese Salad – all the flavor, but a lot less fat!!!

Salads are always a good choice when eating out or at home. It is an easy way to incorporate your daily 5 portions of fruit and vegetables. It is important to keep the… Continue reading

Warm bean salad..good on it’s own or a perfect partner for Lamb Chops.

Adding beans to your diet is not only a excellent way to bulk up your meals , but it is also extremely good for you and it is so affordable. When I go… Continue reading

Beef Salad with a blue cheese dressing.

When beef and mutton were on every menu for the entire holiday, it is difficult for me to wean off meat so easily. I also do not think that red meat in moderation… Continue reading

A salad to celebrate the end of computer troubles…I hope!

Lo and behold, my computer packed up again…I was devastated and could just imagine losing every photo or post I have ever written….ok, ok I will learn to back-up more often! Finally this… Continue reading

Calamari Salad…..easy, fast but stunning food!

Things have been pretty hectic around here with catering, a test series at school and a car being in the garage for repairs so not much planning has gone into family meals. I… Continue reading

Go Bokke, you make us very proud!!!!

Rugby World Cup Final cannot be enjoyed on your own so we all got together at 6pm Saturday night at friends of ours. We had to have a braai(barbeque) to celebrate the Springboks… Continue reading