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Chef Caro from Food24 cooks jam on RSG

The first time I met Chef Caro from Food24 was at some or other launch and I remember thinking: “What a life, to do just food every day?” I thought that all the… Continue reading

How to make the perfect Rosti on RSG

I made my debut on RSG ( my weekly radio slot) with rosti and after all this time, I still get numerous emails and requests of people struggling to make this simple, yet… Continue reading

Sarah Graham from Bitten cooks on RSG

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Have an Apple Affection for our Monthly Mingle

I clearly have an affection for apples if you count all the recipes with apples I have done in the last while. I think the most memorable one of them all will have… Continue reading

An old favorite winter pudding – Sago Pudding

I love winter! I love the ongoing rain, the misty mornings, the smell of fireplaces burning when I go out at night to let the dog in for the night’s sleep. The smell… Continue reading

What would Easter be without hot cross bun Bread and butter pudding?

Yes indeed! What would Easter be without hot cross buns, pickled fish, Easter Eggs and of course the Easter Bunny? My children are too old (at least they think so) to believe in… Continue reading

Mackerel Baked in Lemon flavored Salt

The idea of baking a whole fish in salt has been with me for quite some time. I don’t know whether it is because I think the fish will be deliciously moist or… Continue reading

Pizza, Mommy please!

“Pizza, Mommy please, pretty please! I’ll do the dishes, promise!” Wow, I was quite shocked with my children’s explosive answers. Did I imagine it, or was there a  just-give-us-junk-food-for-a-change hidden in there somewhere?… Continue reading

Chocolate – Cupcakes in two delectable ways – Amarula and Caramel!

Imagine this! Chocolate cupcakes, half of them drenched with Amarula Liqueur and the other half made with  a caramel centre! I don’t know about you, but it sounds like chocolate Nirvana to me!… Continue reading

A Pork Chop drenched in Crumbs and loaded with Happy Memories!

A thick pork chop drenched in crumbs, served with a ladle full of mashed potatoes and a big helping of buttery sweet peas will always remind me of my days at  University of Stellenbosch or… Continue reading

As easy as Pie – Cornish Pie!

I love making pie, I somehow feel that I am connecting with my mom and my gran who made pies on a weekly basis. It is like a labor of love for your… Continue reading

A Bread Recipe simplified – Pesto and Feta Loaf

A bread recipe easier than this one, will have to be the one you buy directly from the baker. Really this bread was almost effortless to make and yet when it came out… Continue reading

Tuna-Fish-Cakes with Lemon Aioli, pretty Smart I think!

How do you tuna fish? You say: “Howzit fish?”, Such a lame joke, but my children kill themselves laughing everytime they catch some unsuspected victim. We love tuna whether it is fresh or… Continue reading

Chocolate Brownies without Chocolate?

Chocolate Brownies without chocolate? You’ve got to be kidding me! Oh no, I kid you not, I think I finally cracked it! You see this quest of mine has been going on for… Continue reading

Sirloin Steak with Shiraz Salt and Pink Peppercorns – This could be one for the ladies!

Steak is normally associated with men and it is no wonder then that some steak houses have an “old man’s rump” as one of their options. Usually, this implies that it is a… Continue reading

Mediterranean -Pasta-in-Minutes!

You can literally make this Mediterranean Pasta in Minutes – the amount of minutes it takes to boil the pasta! Yes, that is how quick and easy it is! If you can slice… Continue reading

Jam and Coconut Tarts to some, but here in SA we call them Hertzoggies!

Jam and Coconut tarts have a direct link to South African history as it is recorded that it was the favorite tea time treat of General Hertzog, who was South Africa’s Prime Minister… Continue reading

Left over lamb sandwich!

“Left over Lamb!” This is a joke, right? Who ever has left over lamb after a Sunday Roast? Well we do, because we plan for it you see! Yes, instead of heating the… Continue reading

Eat In Night Market

I have been counting the sleeps since I got my invitation, hand delivered in a cute little glass jar, to the annual SAB Eat In Produce Awards. Last year  I met the most… Continue reading

Big Fish Pie – enough to feed a hungry lot!

This big-fish-pie will NEVER be big enough, I promise you. It does not matter if you make a double batch, it will be gobbled up in no time. I don’t know what it… Continue reading