Best steak I have ever had, really!

My family thinks I cook the best steak and I have always thought I CAN cook a mean steak, but let me tell you, on Friday I was knocked right off the podium for “The best steak ever!”. It is very seldom that a meal leaves me speechless, but all I could muster in between bites, were “Mmmmmm, ohhhhh, ahhh”!
Wow, it was really the juiciest, tastiest and most flavorsome piece of meat that I have had in a long time and that says a lot about fillet….
As you will remember, I did a post on Grilling the Perfect Steak not so long ago and I mentioned in that post that fillet was not my favorite cut of beef for grilling. I prefer rump by far. On Friday though, we were invited to the Goatshed on Fairview farm and I ordered the beef fillet which later turned out to be the best choice.( I was not the only one aah-ing and ooo-ing!) The meat was done to perfection. Tender, rare, juicy and perfected by a most flavorful jus and some roasted vegetables.
If you are by now dying to try out that delicious steak or any of the other recipes, please visit the Goatshed on Fairview Farm.
If however you want to try to grill the perfect steak in the comfort of your own home, try my easy marinade or dry spice rub recipes.

Fillet Steak, topped with Goat’s Cheese and Bacon, served with roasted Vegetables and a fruity jus

Other choices on the Goatshed menu

Greek Salad
Springbok Stirfry