Sirloin Steak with Shiraz Salt and Pink Peppercorns – This could be one for the ladies!

Steak is normally associated with men and it is no wonder then that some steak houses have an “old man’s rump” as one of their options. Usually, this implies that it is a big steak for a big male eater and that the ladies must opt for the ladies steak which is much, much smaller!
Luckily. this post has nothing to do with portion sizes, but with the beautiful pink salt and pink peppercorns, I thought this steak was rather lady-like! Needless to say that my husband  was quite happy to  tuck in too, pink or not!
Come to think of it, this post has a lot to do with portion size, because I literally fed a crowd with only two sirloin steaks. Sliced and served with rocket, Parmesan, Shiraz salt  on a slice of grilled ciabatta with a drizzle of balsamic reduction, this sirloin steak was simply delicious! The two steaks were enough to make a heap of these delicious snacks  and I think it is quite a nifty idea to serve all the different elements of this recipe and allow quests to stack their own little snacks!

Just a little about the Shiraz salt. The one I purchased was from Rickety Bridge, but I believe that La Motte also makes a similar product and serves it with their french fries! After the two radio shows I did last week, I had endless enquires about the various salts,  so stay tuned as I will dedicate an entire post just to salt.
For now, here goes…
Sirloin Steak with Shiraz Salt and Pink Peppercorns
serves 6 as snacks, but 2 as a meal
2 well-matured grass fed sirloin steaks
Shiraz salt
pink peppercorns
a little olive oil.
Bring the steaks to room temperature if they were refrigerated. Rub with some olive oil. Place some of the Shiraz salt and pink peppercorns in your pestle and mortar and grind together. Season the steaks with this mixture. Heat your griddle pan and grill the steaks until they are still perfectly pink in the middle. Serve with a creamy risotto or skinny fries as a main course or make little bruschetta snacks by piling slices of the steak on some grilled ciabatta with rocket, Parmesan and some more of the Shiraz salt. Divine, ladies!
If you are still not sure how to cook your steak the perfect restaurant way, look no further…