A Bread Recipe simplified – Pesto and Feta Loaf

A bread recipe easier than this one, will have to be the one you buy directly from the baker. Really this bread was almost effortless to make and yet when it came out the oven, everyone assumed I spend a good amount of time slaving in the kitchen.
Little did they know that I have my own little kitchen secrets.Speaking of kitchen secrets, what’s yours? Let me know, I promise not to tell anyone!!
I am very mush pushed for time right now, so if it seems like I am always taking the easy way out….I am! I cannot let Meatless Monday pass me by though! We are running double shifts at the factory and we sometimes production is so demanding that the same people have to work on both shifts, so we decided to cook a warm meal for everyone at the factory every night. With everything else on my plate right now, this is somewhat of a challenge some days, so I’m afraid I do take the easy way out with Cottage Pie, Spaghetti Bolognaise, Soups and stews! The other night, I made a big pot of vegetable soup and while running through the market to get some vegetables, I spotted the ready-to-go dough they were selling at the bakery and the idea for this easy Pesto And Feta Loaf came to me! Trust me,  it could hardly be easier and with only 3 ingredients(ok, 4 if you add the egg for the egg wash), this was truly the easiest bread I have ever made.

Pesto and Feta Loaf

1 kilo bread dough 0 we buy it here from our bakery
1 small jar of Pesto Princess Basil Pesto
3 or 4 rounds of feta cheese
1 egg- beaten


Prepare a bread tin bu oiling it or spray with Spray n Cook. Roll out the dough in a long oblong shape, on the long side, it must be the lenght of your bread pan! Roll out to about 5 mm thickness. Spread lavishly with the pesto and crumble the feta over the top. Roll the dough up starting on the long side. Place the dough in a bread tin and place in a warm place for the dough to rise and fill the pan. Halfway through the rising time, preheat the oven to 180C. When the bread tin is 3/4 full, brush the egg was over the top and place in the oven for 45-50 minutes. When you tap the loaf, it must make a hollow sound. Serve with butter and a mug of warm soup.

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