Off to RSG to make a cheesecake with Chef Caro!

When I start prepping for my radio show on RSG every Thursday morning, I literally have to pinch myself just to remember how privileged I feel to work with all the passionate foodies South Africa has to offer. Really, the golden thread that so delicately weaves all these people together is a unsaturated passion for food and the enjoyment thereof. 
Another dominating factor is that almost all these foodies were inspired my mothers or grannies or aunts and I think it is so fantastic that they in return are giving this wonderful legacy back to the next generation.
Chef Caro is no exception. My first impression of Caro was also on the Internet where she is blogging with Tastemags. I think when  she and her family decided to renovate and operate an old dilapidated hotel in the little town called Piet Retief and to share the whole experience with her readers, I got so much respect for her and could not wait to meat her in person. It is remarkable how her whole family unit pulls together to make it all happen and with Caro as head chef and the rest of her family as backup they have done quite a few functions that were highly successful. I have no doubt in my mind that there will be many more.

When I first met Caro in person about 2 months ago, it was like meeting an old friend and she slipped her feet  underneath my table so comfortably that it seemed as if we have been friends for years. This week she came on a mission! She is joining me on my radio show tomorrow morning, showing us a dead-easy microwave cheesecake with not an morsel of cheese in it, huh?

When I asked her for an easy recipe, she delivered because an easier recipe would be hard to find, so without further ado, here is chef Caro’s Microwave Cheesecake all cheffed up!

Easy Microwave Cheesecake with Honey Comb and Summer Berries.

For the crust

1 packet of Romany Creams
80gr butter – melted
about 2 tsp orange zest

For the filling
500ml Greek yogurt
75ml lemon juice
1 tin condensed milk

Crush the biscuits with a rolling pin or  process in your food processor. Add the melted butter and orange zest to the biscuits and spread in the bottom of a glass tart dish.( a round one works best) Set in the refrigerator for a couple of minutes.
Mix the yogurt, condense milk and lemon juice and pour into the biscuit base. Place in the microwave oven on an inverted saucer and cook on high for about 5 minutes. Leave to cool completely or even better, refrigerate overnight. Serve with crumbed honeycomb and fresh summer berries.

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