Sardines/pilchards – they make the healthiest fish cakes …I think!

Sardines or pilchards must be the humblest of all seafood and yet it is packed with vital nutrients like Omega 3 – fatty acids as well as vit D, Calcium and B12. Taking all this into consideration, sardines or pilchards must be one of the best proteins to consume. Omega 3-fatty acids is essential in maintaining a healthy heart and it also helps to control blood sugar levels. What makes these little fish even healthier for you is that fact that their mercury levels are very low compared to the bigger fish like tuna.

Here in South Africa we can buy sardines or pilchards in cans which makes it most convenient to keep as a stock item in your cupboard and it is also very cheap, thus making it ideal for low budget meals. It sells under the brand Lucky Star and you can read more about all the nutritional benefits here.
My husband will eat sardines out of the tin on toast, but I like to make fish cakes with it. A tin of fish goes a long way and with mash and a salad, you not only fill tummies, but you give your family food that is good for them too. To keep the fish cakes healthy, I also wanted to up the fiber and lower the GI levels. Oats is the best way to do this so here is what you need.

Fish Cakes with a Mexican Twist

1 425gr tin of pilchards in tomato
125ml oats
2 eggs
1 onion finely chopped
a big handful of chopped coriander
1 tin Mexican salsa
sour cream

Mix the pilchards, oats, onion, coriander and eggs together and form small patties. Fry in shallow oil and drain when ready. Serve with the Mexican salsa and some sour cream.