Fettucine Alfredo and teaching an old dog new tricks!

Thinking of all the bastardized versions of Fettuccine Alfredo that I have seen on the Internet and horror upon horror all the bad ones I have served my poor (un-informed) family, I have… Continue reading

This Chicken tastes like KFC mom!

I can’t say that I have ever tried to make KFC Chicken or even tried to figure out which eleven herbs and spices the Colonel uses in his recipes, but I felt pretty… Continue reading

Shrimp/Prawns, call it what you like. Let’s just boil it!

I think my fascination with shrimp or prawns started when Bubba said to Forest Gump: “Anyway, like I was sayin’, shrimp is the fruit of the sea. You can barbecue it, boil it,… Continue reading

Problems with allergies? – Leaine’s Kitchen will help out.

There are so many people with food allergies. I think with all the additives and preservatives we consume these days, a whole lot more people are suffering from some kind of allergy than… Continue reading

Oatmeal and Almond Strawberry Crumble

The arrival of fresh strawberries on our market shelves was quite a welcoming site and with this Oatmeal and Almond Strawberry Crumble I wanted to celebrate the departure of winter and  the arrival… Continue reading

Lip smacking Roast Chicken Pasta Bake

The aroma of roast chicken drifting through my house fills me with nostalgia and a fuzzy feeling every time. There is something so hearty and homey about serving a roast chicken with all… Continue reading

Spicy Rice with Snap Peas, Feta and Mint

The Spicy Rice with Snap Peas, Feta and mint that I made tonight was not only really, really tasty, but it erased lots of bad images I had my mind of  Spicy Rice..Let… Continue reading

What is a schnitzel? Pork Schnitzels with Rosemary and lemon

What is a schnitzel? My son asked the other night as he was scoffing down the third schnitzel. (Why was I not warned about teenage boys and their appetites?) My daughter was quick… Continue reading

Malva Pudding with a hint of tangerine!

Malva Pudding is an age old tradition in many South African kitchens and every mother and grandmother swear by their absolute there-is-no-better recipe. The one recipe asks for more butter, the other for… Continue reading

A Beef stew light enough for Spring and Summer

Beef stew is normally associated with cold, wet winters and in my book beef stews should be dark and rich in color. We are however experiencing the strangest weather here in Cape Town,… Continue reading

Churros.The quintessential Spanish street snack with DieselVanilla Sauce

I think every picture I have ever seen of this delightful Spanish snack called Churros has made me want to get up, walk to the kitchen and bake them. Strangely though, I have… Continue reading

South Africa on a plate – Biltong and Butternut Quiche

This Biltong and Butternut Quiche reminded me once again how incredibly rich our South African  food culture  is, but it is a heritage that is made up of recipes borrowed from all over… Continue reading

Fruity Lamb Kofta on Warm Homemade pitas

To eat a Fruity Lamb Kofta on a homemade pita in real life, you have two choices! You can either spend a fortune and travel to some exotic Mediterranean destination or you can… Continue reading

Healthy Vegetable Spring Rolls

Biting into a greasy Vegetable Spring Roll must be one of my ultimate closet pleasures. Whenever I visit a food market or fete, I am absolutely driven by my craving for this delicious,… Continue reading

Pot Roast Chicken Casserole – When in doubt, take your time!

John Zimmerman said:”When in doubt, take more time!” When making a pot roast, it is so, so true. I remember my gran always made a Pot Roast Chicken Casserole on Sundays. It was… Continue reading

Quick and easy recipes with Puff Pastry!

Puff pastry is a stock item in my house, it is just something I always have in the freezer. I feel I can quickly make or concoct something at the drop of a… Continue reading

Guinness Beef and Leek Pie!

This Guinness Beef and Leek Pie could easily have been called a 3-day pie or a This-is-taking-forever-pie, because that is how long it has taken me to make it. Why it took that… Continue reading

Mandela…..Madiba – 67 minutes just for you. Happy Birthday!

Today Mandela or Madiba  is 93 years old. Wow, what an innings! I had planned a post about his birthday and how my family and I would do our 67 minutes of community… Continue reading

My Easy Cassoulet or Pork and Bean Stew – you be the judge!

Making a proper French Cassoulet has been a  foodie mission of mine ever since I read A Year in Provence by Peter Mayle. Although it was many years ago, I was so intrigued… Continue reading

Pear Tarte Tatin with Toffee Sauce

When I posted my Pear Tarte Tatin on Twitter early Thursday morning, I was unaware of how many Tarte Tatin recipe would be posted that day. I think it is fantastic to have… Continue reading