1, 2, 3, 4 Ingredients…Raspberry Cheesecake!

Raspberry Cheesecake made with only 1..2..3..4 ingredients. No way! Well, that was just about my first reaction too when I  heard about  this recipe. Proper cheesecakes are all about whipping cream or egg… Continue reading

Ice Cream makes it all better

Ice cream makes it all better or shall I say this is what Hollywood wants me to believe, because in every love story at some stage the girl with the broken heart, would… Continue reading

Fudgy Coffee Cake with Caramelized Pears

Confession time! I have always thought that coffee cake is something with a coffee flavor. So every time I read a recipe for coffee cake, I gently clicked away, because it is not… Continue reading


This week’s blogger that will be featured on RSG on Thursday morning is the bubbly Christie-Anne Wolmarans from Johannesburg. Judging by the flavors that she has combined in this recipe, I can see… Continue reading

An age-old curry recipe – Curry Beans

Of all the curry recipes I use, this recipe for curry beans is my favorite meatless or vegetarian recipe. I feel so good when I make this, because although it has all the… Continue reading

Chocolate-filled Shortbread on RSG

As if shortbread is not sinful enough, imagine little shortbread cookies with a heart of chocolate. Oh my word! How delicious can it be? Well, they are so delicious that it is very… Continue reading

Chocolate Peanut Butter Brownies and a confession!

Peanut Butter …..mon indulgence secrète. Yes, my little secret indulgence when no one is watching…In the morning early when I pack lunch boxes( and yes my husband wants peanut butter and jam sandwiches… Continue reading

How to cook a Spanish Frittata in an Air Fryer?

By now everyone who knows me and have been to my kitchen will know that I am quite an avid Phillips Air Fryer user. I have tried just about everything in the machine… Continue reading

Rugby wins at the New Zealand RWC-Des Timm

The 2011 rugby world cup has come to an end with a most thrilling yet lowest scoring game ever. France won every facet of the game…except the game itself with New Zealand lifting… Continue reading

Sticky Pineapple and Chicken Kebabs

Making these Sticky Pineapple and Chicken Kebabs was a fun way to get my family’s attention and an effort to redeem myself  for having neglected them the last week or so. Excitement is… Continue reading

Two Oceans Cookoff…and the winners are…..

In Cape Town this month the Two Oceans Cook Off  followed quickly on the heels of the Master Chef Style cooking competition at the Table Bay. It was different to the Table Bay… Continue reading

The Koeksister has a humble relative – The Brood Broer

The koeksister! This doyenne of the South African tea table has seduced so many with her twisted syrupy goodness. She has stripped people of their willpower and intentions to diet or lose weight.… Continue reading

Chef’s Table Event at the Table Bay, Cape Town

Eating at any Chef’s Table is a treat, period! For a passionate foodie like me, it is like walking through an art gallery if your were to be an artist. I look, sniff,… Continue reading

Potato Latkes with Bacon and Guacamole

Potato latkes, potato fritters, potato pancakes……what’s in a name? In the end, what matters is that the key ingredient is potatoes and I think I might have told you before……I LOVE POTATOES! I… Continue reading

Off to RSG to make a cheesecake with Chef Caro!

When I start prepping for my radio show on RSG every Thursday morning, I literally have to pinch myself just to remember how privileged I feel to work with all the passionate foodies… Continue reading

It is a (Steak) Wrap!

Wraps are the latest in fast food trends here at My Easy Cooking HQ. Gone with the Happy meals, the Streetwise two’s and the pizza cravings and in with the Beef or Chicken… Continue reading

Spaghetti and Meatballs – Refreshingly different!

Spaghetti and Meatballs, what a classic. I bet many households have it on their menus at least once a week, maybe once a fortnight, yet still it is a favorite amongst young and… Continue reading

One can of tuna – Tuna Pinwheels

Who would have imagined that a humble can of tuna could cause such a stir. I have had such a response to the first of my series, One can of tuna – Tuna… Continue reading

A fragrant Coffee Rub – Get in the mood for National Braai Day

It is National Braai Day again and it is hard to believe that a year has gone by since I posted this. With the 2011 RWC well underway, South Africans are literally spending… Continue reading

One can of Tuna -Tuna Pie

Question: How do you tun-a-fish?   Answer: ” Howzit fish? Just a silly joke I have heard on the streets here in Cape Town, but because tuna is seen as a bit common and… Continue reading