Sweets for diabetics!!!!!

Sugarfree treats for diabetics are always hard to find and then if you find some, they are always loaded with aspartame and other ingredients that is not good for you. I am seriously… Continue reading


To make fresh pesto with herbs that you grew yourself, must be one of the most rewarding things to do. Early this morning I was in the garden already to pick the first… Continue reading


Crunchies are one of those things that everyone loves, but no one ever has the time to bake . Well my 6 year old, Chloe baked these yesterday and it took her just… Continue reading

Go Bokke, you make us very proud!!!!

Rugby World Cup Final cannot be enjoyed on your own so we all got together at 6pm Saturday night at friends of ours. We had to have a braai(barbeque) to celebrate the Springboks… Continue reading


Salmon is most probably my favourite fish – and it is good for you with all the Omega 3 oils and such. So when hubby says he’s hungry, I go crazy. Today I… Continue reading

Double-Baked Souffle

Ideas for light lunches are always a problem and often we revert to sandwiches or something processed and “ready to eat”. I am expecting guests for lunch and this recipe is great, because… Continue reading

Fresh juice!!!

Fresh juice, packed with vitamins is the way to go, the nutritionists say. I’ve had a juice extractor for over a year now, but could not get myself to use it. I have… Continue reading

Manna Epicure

Hubby took me for breakfast this morning. The children had concert practise at school. We opted for a place called “Manna Epicure” in Kloofstreet Cape Town. It is my 2nd visit to this… Continue reading

James Martin

James Martin – I got this close-up of him demonstrating a quick cheese-cake recipe. Here is my version: “No cheese” Cheesecake 500ml non-dairy cream (in SA we have one called Cremendous) beaten stiff… Continue reading

Anthony Worral-Thompson

Anthony Worral-Thompson has always been one of my favourite chefs, simply because his style of cooking is uncomplicated and wholesome. His passion for food is also not only a day job, but from… Continue reading

Passionfruit Salad Dressing

As you all know, hubby went away for business and on Friday night my children went for a sleepover at their cousin. I woke up on Saturday at about 5am and dozed off… Continue reading