Cholesterol-"free " cheese cake.

Cholesterol Cheese Cake! Do you like the sound of that? It is not entirely “free”, but not too bad to have now and then. It is dead- easy to make and sets in… Continue reading

No-guilt pecan pie!

After hubby’s chiropractor told him to omit sugar from his diet if he wants to get rid of all his aches and pains, I had yet another issue to consider when I cook.… Continue reading

Food that makes me yield to temptation…

People are amazed that I can cook day in and day out and never get tired. The fact that I could spend an entire day in my kitchen is too much for most… Continue reading

Copy my Chocolate Chip cookies with pleasure…..

The last couple of days I have just been reading other people’s blogs to see if I am on the right track. Well I saw very good blogs(my opinion) of which the Leftover… Continue reading

Mango delight!

Have you ever seen or tried this easy-peasy mango desert? I do it so often and every time I serve this, someone will be amazed! I can’t even remember who told me about… Continue reading

Three cheese souffle.

At last, after two days of being sick, I finally got to make the souffles from those beautiful eggs I had. They came out beautifully and everyone in the family loved the taste… Continue reading

Egg..straordinary Eggs

My friend gave me a whole dozen of Jumbo-sized organic eggs this morning and I’m thinking …..omelets, souffles, fritatas, ice-creams and a super soft vanilla layer- cake with custard filling. I cannot make… Continue reading


Last night for supper, I was a bit pressed for time, but having sandwiches was not an option as we already had those for lunch. I found 4 cobs of corn in the… Continue reading

Holiday blues…..

I had a fantastic holiday with my family and we created memories that will last us a lifetime. I will post my favourite foodshots as well as others, but this is just to… Continue reading

Playtime in Plettenberg Bay

We are having a glorious time in Plettenberg Bay and for me, the best is that I can watch other people cook and just enjoy the fruits of someone else’s labour. The weather… Continue reading

Ravioli to rave about

I saw one night on an episode of Full on Food how David Corrigan used wonton wrappers to make ravioli’s and was so amazed that I just had to try. I know the… Continue reading

Salmon Starter!

I made these Salmon Starters last night after a very busy day, playing “Mom’s taxi”. Yes, yes, I DO cook when I am tired and frustrated and sick and premenstrual and……… well, I… Continue reading

Morish Meringues!!!!!!

My sister and I are doing a lunch for the teachers at our children’s school to say “Thank you!” for the year gone past. For desert we want to serve mini-pavlovas with macerated… Continue reading

Butcher’s blocks , kitchens and me………..

The year before last, my dad made a beautiful butcher’s block for my mom – really a piece of art!! When we all gathered at our holiday house in Hermanus, my brother asked… Continue reading

Cupcakes,cupcakes and more cupcakes.

I found this cupcake -recipe on the internet today and it is truly the most fluffy, light and delicious cupcakes I have ever baked. I will add the link to that website later,… Continue reading

Fabulous Fungi

My friend, Inge gave me these beautiful porcini mushrooms today and immediately my creative juices started to flow. I was thinking…mushroom risotto, mushroom soup…. but in the end I think I will try… Continue reading

Super Snacks…

Everyone loves snacks, but despise making them, because it is just too much effort. A stop at the local bakery is usually the easy way out, but the result is a plate filled… Continue reading


I’m having a bit of a “cooking block” at the moment and will have to dig deep to find inspiration for another interesting post. I tried my hand at making nougat on Friday… Continue reading

Powerpacked seaweed.

Researchers have started to investigate seaweed’s nutritional qualities and have discovered that it is a rich source of antioxidants, such as beta-carotene, and the vitamins B1 (thiamine, which keeps nerves and muscle tissue… Continue reading

Knead Bread?

If you have the Knead for fresh homemade bread, I have found just the place. In Wembley Square, Cape Town is this amazing bakery, coffee shop – call it what you like. I… Continue reading