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Gnocchi with Tomato and Basil

There is something so comforting about gnocchi, I am not sure if it is the sense of accomplishment for trying to make them rather than buy them, or whether it is the comfort… Continue reading

Potato and Onion Frittata

Making this simple Potato and Onion frittata was the result of a short survey I did amongst friends, followers and family to try and find out what recipes people actually want. The answer… Continue reading

How to make the perfect Rosti on RSG

I made my debut on RSG ( my weekly radio slot) with rosti and after all this time, I still get numerous emails and requests of people struggling to make this simple, yet… Continue reading

Creamy Potato and Butternut Cake

When I took this Creamy Potato and Butternut Cake from the oven I had this huge happy smile on my face. I love how a meal sometimes just comes together, not quite how… Continue reading

Potato Latkes with Bacon and Guacamole

Potato latkes, potato fritters, potato pancakes……what’s in a name? In the end, what matters is that the key ingredient is potatoes and I think I might have told you before……I LOVE POTATOES! I… Continue reading

2011 – packed with possibilities and a delicious potato snack!

2011………the year after 2010! Here in South Africa 2010 was a big year in so many ways, but most of all it was the year that we hosted the FIFA World Cup. Many… Continue reading

Nina making air Waves on RSG

News just in is that our very own Nina has just been on the national drive show of radio station RSG. She was her calm self and explained how to make her “famous”….. …Rosti… Continue reading

Potato rosti – Ich liebe es!!!!

Potato rosti, Ich liebe es! Yes, it is a recipe so good, it almost inspires me to learn a new language. Potatoes on the menu in any form or shape and I am… Continue reading