Food4Kidz – get involved, please!

Food4Kidz is a registered well-fare organization and I had the honor and privilege to work with them during my stay in the beautiful Bloemfontein. You will still hear a lot about my trip up north, maybe even get a bit tired of my rantings and ravings, but it was life-altering so I just have to share it. Food4Kidz made me think about my purpose here on earth, I hope it does the same to you….
Willie van Deventer started the Food4Kidz organization last year and may I just say, I have not seen such passion and dedication in a while. His goal is to provide school children with a healthy nutritious meal every day. At the moment he is able to feed 55 children in the Bloemfontein area with more than 100 children on the waiting list that has been identified by the teachers and principal.

Helping hands!
I spent a morning with Willie and with just one helper, he manages to do this each and every day, even during school holidays when he takes the food to the children’s homes. On Thursday morning he even organized 3 hairdressers to come and give free haircuts to those children who so desperately also need to look and feel good.
Social Skills are important too!

Willie will inform me of his latest project where you will pay R400 ($49 or 38 Eur) per month on a debit order and that will feed 1 child for 1 month. I will pass this on to you as soon as I have it. In the meantime, he welcomes all food donations and he literally makes magic with whatever resources he has at his disposal. While cooking with the Fynproewersgulde ( will share in near future), we did a Can Drive and in no time collected loads of food with very little effort. 

 Warm tummies – happy children!
Thank you Father for our Food!

I urge you to get involved, we have no idea what impact this organization has on these children. It is his desire that Food4Kidz grow and maybe in the not-so-distant-future, many towns, schools and children will benefit from this project.

 A Grateful Heart!
Please phone Willie at 0729870001 and get involved……