Making Paneer on RSG in anticipation of a weekend at the Cheese Festival

Make your way to the Cheese Festival near Stellenbosch this weekend, otherwise you will be missing out big time. If you are a cheese-o-holic like me, this is the place for you! You can sample the best cheeses SA has to offer and watch demonstrations and even learn to make cheese yourself at one of the many hands-on workshops.
I will be in the Checkers Emporium every day at 10.30 cooking up a storm with the illustrious Nataniel and the ever-so funny Jenny Morris. Must say, I am a wee bit nervous…..

In the meantime, I will share an old post with you on how to make your own paneer. That’s if you don’t make it to the cheese festival. It is the easiest thing to do and there is something so rewarding in making your own cheese just like there is in baking your own bread.
You can enjoy the cheese as is, or flavor it with a whole array of spices and herbs or even use it in vegetarian dishes such as curries.



2 liter full cream milk
90ml fresh lemon juice
a pinch of salt

Pour milk in a sauce pan and heat gently. Add lemon juice and bring the milk up to the boil. The milk will coagulate as the curd separates from the whey.( if you are making a herb cheese, now add the herbs of choice) Remove from the heat and pour the milk through a muslin cloth. Tie the cloth at the corners and place in a strainer and leave to drain overnight in the fridge. The next day, you can remove the cloth and serve.
For herb cheese, add pepper and 100g fresh herbs, chopped.
For olive cheese, add 100gr pitted and chopped black olives.