Easter Macarons with White Chocolate and Passionfruit Ganache

Easter Macarons with White Chocolate and Passion fruit Ganache…… You haven’t seen such a long post title on My Easy Cooking in ages, right? Well, I think it is ok to every now and then put your fancy jacket on and do something special, something extraordinary, something you would not normally do. Making macarons is something I have put off for too long, it was time I put my fears to rest and give it a go… Oh, I so wish I still had my blanky, my safety blanket……
I looked through my old Taste Magazines and  found my safety blanket……In the  November 2011 issue of this fine magazine, my foodie idol Abigail Donnely  had a step by step tutorial on how to make these delicate French fancies and her claim was that she will remove the myth that making macarons should be left to the professionals. I am certainly no professional, so I reckoned her theory should work for me… I placed my hand firmly in hers and took it step my step…..and guess what? It worked, oh wow, I was so proud that I took the plunge and tried something new and exciting. It is time you do to…….

Easter Macarons with White Chocolate and Passion fruit Ganache

click on link to go to Abigail’s Recipe

White Chocolate and Passion fruit Ganache
100ml cream
220 g white chocolate – I used buttons
pulp of two granadillas

Break chocolate in smaller pieces  or place buttons in a glass bowl. Heat the cream in a small pot and just before it starts boiling, remove from the heat and pour over the chocolate. Allow to stand until chocolate is melted and mix until it has a smooth consistency. If all the chocolate has not melted, place the bowl in the microwave for a few seconds until it has. Mix in the pulp and cool the mixture until it has the desire consistency.
Sandwich two macarons with some of the filling and place in your prettiest bowl. You have conquered!