Chickpea Thai Curry

When I posted this picture of my Chickpea Thai Curry on Face book last week, asking people what they thought it was, most people got the answer right, but did not have faintest idea how to cook it.I was even more amazed at how many people wanted to try and make it. Well, wait no longer, here it is…..
Making Thai Curries, require a little knowledge and a little bit of time. Unlike a fragrant lamb curry or Chicken Korma, Thai Curries can be on the table in about 10 minutes. So fast you might have to wait for the rice to cook, before you can plate up!
I promised to blog a little less and write a little more, so let me just stay true to that promise  and get on with the recipe.

Chickpea Thai Curry
serves 4

1 large onion – halved and sliced
25 ml vegetable oil
½ green pepper – diced
½ red pepper – diced
½ yellow pepper – diced
25 ml red curry paste (or more if you like it really hot)
2 x 410 g chickpeas – drained and rinsed
250 ml coconut cream
250 ml chicken stock
5 ml  fish sauce
10 ml palm or brown sugar
juice of ½ lime


Heat a wok or a deep pan and add the vegetable oil. Once the oil is hot, add the onion and peppers. Stir fry for about 1 minute and then add the curry paste. Stir through and add the stock and the coconut cream. Now add the chickpeas and cook for about 5 minutes or until the sauce has thickened slightly. Add the fish sauce, sugar and lime juice, taste and adjust to your preference.

And that my dear friend, is how fast it is, I hope your rice is cooked.

Serve this quick and easy Chickpea Thai Curry on Basmati Rice with lots of fresh coriander and chopped chili.

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