Ricotta and Edemame Bean Pate for New Year’s Eve!

The Ricotta and Edemame Bean Pate is ideal for a festive end to the old year, but at the same time sets the trend for a healthier and lighter 2012. With all the Christmas Festivities behind us where everybody overindulged in meat and rich foods, a lighter vegetarian pate seems like such a welcome idea.
Buying pates becomes quite a pricey exercise if the family size just increases with every occasion so we prefer to make our own and with all the aspiring cooks in our holiday house, the end result is quite interesting as everyone adds their 5 cents worth. We love chicken liver pate and my mom’s recipe is legendary so don’t even try and sell me a new one, but as I’ve said maybe chicken liver pate is a bit on the rich side.
Edemame beans are the green soybeans in the pod that are picked before they ripen.The pods are then boiled in water or steamed after which it is used in salads, rice dishes, fritters and even enjoyed as a snack with a little sea salt.

These beans which originated in China are packed with loads of health boosting nutrients and nutritionists even claim that they contain healing and curative properties, especially helpful in the battle against heart disease, various cancers and of less terminally dangerous health issues including menopause.
Edemame beans contain high vegetable protein which we all know is far better for your health than animal protein and they also contain iron and fibre as well as the highly rated Omega 3 healthy fats.On top of all the nutritional benefits they have, I love the vibrant color and the fresh taste.
The other main ingredient in this pate is the ricotta cheese.Ricotta Cheese is made from the leftover whey after cheese production. Most of the milk protein is removed when the cheese is made, although some of the protein remains in the whey. This protein  is allowed to ferment some more by letting it sit for 12–24 hours at room temperature. The whey is heated to near boiling point. The low pH and high temperature changes the protein into a fine curd. Once it is cooled, the curd is separated by passing through a fine cloth.
Ricotta cheese is even lower in fat than cottage cheese – the “dieter’s cheese”. It is also a good source of protein, calcium and zinc, but contains far less salt than other cheese options.
Bottom line, this Ricotta and Edemame Bean Pate is packed with goodness and delicious too. Let’s make it together, shall we?

Ricotta and Edemame Bean Pate


300gr ricotta cheese
125ml ( ½ cup of edemame beans – blanched  for 2 minutes)
½ – 1 tsp wasabi paste
2 tbsp good quality mayonnaise
zest and juice of 1 lemon
salt and freshly ground pepper

Place all the ingredients in a food processor and blitz until it is coarse in texture, but yet mixed. Chill in molds if served as a starter or in a pretty bowl if used as a pate. Serve with thin Melba toast, crackers or vegetable crudites.

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