Sticky Pineapple and Chicken Kebabs

Making these Sticky Pineapple and Chicken Kebabs was a fun way to get my family’s attention and an effort to redeem myself  for having neglected them the last week or so. Excitement is peaking and the game is on as we are preparing for the Huisgenoot Namakwa Festival, where I will be cooking for…
a couple of hundred ladies. The whole family is involved this time…..and while dad is working a full day at his business, he still sits up till all hours of the morning, doing my marketing and PR. The children are pretty much my errand fairies and they have to run around all afternoon “fetching this” and “doing that.  I have to say we make a mean team and for that I am so grateful.
Sadly however, on the cooking front not much is happening and I must be honest I have heard the odd murmur coming from the errand fairies and the marketing manager. It was time to step up my game and last night I think I kind of nailed it with these delicious chicken kebabs and Peanut Butter and Chocolate Brownies for dessert.

The important thing to remember with chicken kebabs is that they tend to be very dry so if you are using the breast meat, it is essential that you place the meat in some kind of marinade before the time and baste the kebabs while cooking them. The longer you keep the chicken in the marinade, the better it is, but an hour or so will also do. Now if you are on the verge of clicking away, because marinades are just to time consuming and too much effort, I will show you a way that is almost effortless, but the end result is so worth it.
Ready to cook?

Sticky Pineapple and Chicken Kebabs

6 chicken breasts – skin and boneless
1 pineapple – peeled and cut up in chunks

For the marinade
2 tbsp thick soy
2 tbsp lemon juice
3 tbsp olive oil

For the basting sauce
2 tbsp golden syrup or honey(my children do not like honey)
1 thumb-size piece of ginger – grated
2 tsp thick soy
a little lemon or lime juice
Mix all the ingredients together
a  little salt

In the morning, cut the chicken in big chunks and place in a plastic bag together with all the marinade ingredients. Make a knot in the bag and keep in the fridge for as long as you can.
The make the kebabs, simply alternate pieces of chicken and pineapple onto kebab sticks and you are ready.
Place on medium coals, in the oven or on a griddle pan. Allow to cook for about 5 minutes, before you start basting.
Turn the kebabs, keep on basting until they are cooked, golden brown and sticky. I served the Kebabs on some sticky rice and a salad made with gooseberries, apple, spring onions and a light vinaigrette.

Please don’t forget to enter the Two Oceans Competition. Who knows you might win the wine that will go beautifully with these fruity kebabs.

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