Pot Roast Chicken Casserole – When in doubt, take your time!

John Zimmerman said:”When in doubt, take more time!” When making a pot roast, it is so, so true. I remember my gran always made a Pot Roast Chicken Casserole on Sundays.
It was literally a labor of love. The pot was on the stove before the crack of dawn and for hours she would nurture and watch this pot, but the result was always heavenly and worth every bit of time and effort!
The thing with making a pot roast is that you have to know right from the onslaught that this is not a quick recipe or a fast mid-week option. Unlike all the other quick and easy recipes on this site, a pot roast is for a lazy Saturday or Sunday when you have nothing better  to do than to watch a chicken roast to perfection and it won’t be critical if lunch or dinner is not exactly at the right time. So let me paint the picture for you…….Crackling log fire, an intriguing book, thick woolie socks and the aromas from the kitchen that will build up anticipation with the whole family. Got the picture, let’s cook!

 Pot Roast Chicken Casserole
1 farm-raised or free range chicken – cleaned and giblets removed
1 big onion or about 4 leeks
a few sprigs of thyme or herbs of your choice
a lemon
1 globe of garlic – halved
olive oil
4 large potatoes – peeled and halved
100ml white wine or water
about 1 tbs flour or gravy powder of your choice


 Heat the oil in big heavy-based pot. Saute the onions or leeks until it is soft. Season the chicken, inside and outside. and place the chicken on top of the sauteed onions or leeks. Add the garlic, lemon and herbs and close the pot with its lid.  Turn the heat down to the lowest setting. On my gas stove, I use the smallest plate and the lowest setting. Here is the part where you have to know go and read in front of the log fire. Every half hour go and check the pot and add the teeniest bit of water, just so that the pot NEVER dries out. The process can go on for about 2 hours, but on 1½ hours, place the potatoes around the chicken, making sure it touches the sticky, caramelized base. Sprinkle a little salt over the potatoes and close the lid. Again, add a bit of water if needed.

 At the end of the cooking time, carefully remove the chicken and the potatoes an dkeep warm. de-glaze your pan with some wine or stock. Mix the gravy powder or flour with a little water and stir into the pan juices. Add some chopped herbs and serve with your Pot Roast Chicken Casserole. For side dishes you can try steamed broccoli, sweet baby peas or even spinach. Hearty, wholesome and worth every waiting moment.


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