A Weylandts Philosophy – The essence of good living!

Weylandts Good living philosophy is about the simple appreciation of all things good, every day. Anybody who has ever walked into a Weylandts Home store will know that each and every piece of furniture or home ware are carefully selected and exhibited in their iconic, very up market stores.
It was with great excitement that I opened my invitation to the launch of ……
the Weylandts latest venture, The Kitchen. According to Chris Weylandt, CEO, the company is constantly looking to improve the shopping experience for their customers, so to open a classy restaurant in this flagship store seemed like the logical thing to do.
The idea behind The Kitchen was to offer the customer not only delicious food and a great coffee, but to experience the good things in life even more by being surrounded by such beauty and class.

I can only imagine that great care was given to find the right person to head The Kitchen and seeing Charlene Pretorius in action, I know that this project is in two very capable hands. Her belief in ethical food production and respect for food products epitomizes Weylandts Good Living Philosophy and that is to keep things simple, ensuring that the essence and origin of the food is clear and enhances the overall experience.

Charlene Pretorius is born and raised in Richards Bay and as a young chef, she is making her mark on the South African Culinary Scene. Although she credits her mom’s cooking as one of her key influences, she  travel abroad after school and worked for catering companies and restaurants and even appeared in the first round or Gordon Ramsay’s the F-Word. On her return to South African, she studied at ICA and whilst studying she work for chef Carly Goncalves at her reward winning restaurant 9th Avenue Bistro in Durban, but also worked at Woolworths Taste Magazine under the uber-talented Abigail Donnely, who has since become a good friend and mentor. For those of you, who visits regularly will know that Abigial happens to be my foodie hero too. . 

Charlene passed her studies by achieving the ICA Top Academic Award, she made her TV debut on SABC 2’s lifestyle programme and has worked as chef and food stylist for several food magazines. All in all, Weylandts has ensured that every one who walks into The Kitchen will be treated to only the best Charlene has to offer.

This Fusion Bistro is an extension of the Weylandt brand and every bite I enjoyed complimented the design, creativity and cosmopolitan and contemporary character of the store.

With a roaring fire and leather sofas to relax on, I am afraid the only negative thing I can say about this eatery is that I don’t think it is possible to slip away for a quick lunch if you worked in the vicinity.

We were treated to a sample menu, showcasing the best they have to offer, my favorite being the Sun-dried Tomato Scones with Olive butter. I loved it so much that, it inspired a whole family meal that I will post tomorrow, but their signature dishes are Poached eggs with Franschoek trout gravadlax, seared lamb with caponata on artisan bread and for the sweet tooth Banana Crumpets with Crispy Bacon, served with Maple syrup and cinnamon brown butter.

PS. There is a lot of controversy about bloggers doing restaurant reviews for free. This is my take and how I choose to go about this. I accept invitations to launches if and where possible for me to attend. If the restaurant offers me a good eating experience, something I will gladly promote or endorse, I will write about it. In other words, if it qualifies under the My Easy Cooking Philosophy. However, I will never base my post of perception on the launch, but I will go back one more time to the specific restaurant, pay my way and then publish my opinion. So, my readers can be ensured of an honest and unbiased opinion.

The Kitchen at Weylandts passed with flying colors, I have been back several times.

22 Bella Rosa Street
Cape Town

Opening Hours
Monday – 9am – 5 PM
Tuesday – 10am – 5pm
Wed-Fri – 9am-5pm
Saturday 9am-4pm
Sunday 10am – 2pm
Pub Holidays – 10am – 2pm
Durbanville store is open every first Sunday of the month.

021 9141440

To give you the opportunity to experience the The Kitchen first hand, you now have the opportunity to win a voucher worth R250 to use at the fine eatery. All you have to do, is to answer this simple question in the comments below:
Please leave more than your name, it is very difficult to trace the winner with no info.


Who is Charlene’s mentor?