Chinese Food – Sweet n Sour Pork ( the Healthy version)

I think the first Chinese food I ever had was Sweet n Sour Pork. I felt so sophisticated the first time I had it, like I was about to tell the world: “I have been to China and now I am eating real Chinese food!”
Of course we all know this could not be further from the truth, because I have not been to China yet and Sweet n Sour Pork as we know it, is most probably such a watered down Westernized version of the real deal, that a Chinese would walk pass it without recognizing it!
Nevertheless, it was delicious when I first tried it many years ago and since then I have rated every Chinese restaurant on how well they can make their Sweet n Sour Pork. I have had some delicious Chinese food in my days, strangely mostly at markets, never at a restaurant! I am not too sure why that is. I have also tried my hand at making this dish several times, sometimes with great success and other times, well…let’s just not go there!

A while ago, I attended the launch/demo of the new Phillips Air Fryer and although we had the opportunity to work hands on with the appliance and try some of the snacks that were prepared in it, I wanted to bring an Air Fryer home and work with it in my own kitchen. Within half an hour of the machine being in my kitchen, my children all made their own hot chips with no effort at all and I was happy to know that there is not a pot of hot oil involved, which quite frankly sends shivers down my spine. The thing is, we cannot eat hot chips 7 days a week, so I wanted to experiment with the machine to see what meals I can create in it. My Sweet n Sour Pork was the third meal in a row that I have created in it.So without further ado……..

Sweet n Sour Pork
serves 4


500gr pork mince
1 spring onion chopped – green and white part
1 red chili – chopped
a handful of chopped coriander
1 clove garlic crushed
1 tbsp grated fresh ginger

Mix all the ingredients together, shape into mini meatballs and fry in Phillips Air Fryer for 8 minutes or fry in a pan with a little oil until they are nicely browned. Keep warm

For the Sweet n Sour Sauce

3/4 cup white sugar
¼ cup white vinegar or rice vinegar
a dash of soy
 2 tsp grated fresh ginger
2 heaped tsp corn flour mixed with a little water
2 sliced of pineapple – cut into very small dice

Place vinegar, sugar, ginger and pineapple in a small pot and bring to the boil. Add the soy sauce and then thicken with the cornflour. Serve over the pork meatballs on Jasmin or basmati rice, Sprinkle fresh coriander and chopped spring onion over the top.

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