The B and B Burger – Basil and Bocconcini

Naming this burger a B and B  Burger was just my feeble attempt to be on par with my children who suddenly speak a language that I no longer understand. I have to decipher abbreviations like BFF, FB, LOL, Gr8, TTYL (talk to you later), G2G and those are just the ones I have figured out.
They don’t talk to their friends in full sentences anymore, seldom greet or ask about their friend’s well being. Everything has to fit into a certain amount of characters (140 on Twitter) so thre can be no wastage of letters and numbers……Imagine my children’s surprise when they asked: “What are we eating?” and I said: “B and B Burgers!
B and B? Yes, basil and bocconcini Burgers, not exactly something they would have worked out, maybe little madam because she has quite a developed palate at age 10. I suppose, the language fight is one I am going to lose so it is best then that I stick to what can do well and that is to feed my family.

I have always been very cautious to use too much fresh basil in recipes (except of course pesto), because it is such an overpowering herb. Chicken, fish and even salads can be rather horrible if you add too much basil, but I totally misjudged the use of basil in lamb. Mint, oregano and rosemary are normally the herbs to accompany lamb, but I had a whole bag of basil in the fridge and I felt like a really zingy burger so I got started. Here is what I did…

The B and B Burger


500gr lean or steak mince
1 small onion – grated
2-3 cloves of garlic – minced
½ cup oats
1 egg
zest of 2 lemons
1 tsp ground coriander
1 loosely packed cup of fresh basil – sliced
4 bocconcini or4  cubes of mozzarella

Mix all the ingredients, except the bocconcini in a bowl and allow to stand so that the flavors can marry. Shape the mixture into 4 big juicy burgers and fold 1 bocconcini in the middle of each one. Heat your griddle pan or your outside grill and cook the burgers until they are to your liking.
Serve on a crispy bun with lettuce, tomato,  onion rings and some chunky tomato relish!

Photo: Courtesy of  Hubby

The verdict: Without boasting too much, I have to say, this was the juiciest, zingiest and most tender burger I have ever had. My first bite was heaven, I ran at a loss of words, that’s how good it was and I really hope you will try this soon.       B andB Burgers are here to stay because they were just TGTBT( to good to be true, duh!!)

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