2011 – packed with possibilities and a delicious potato snack!

2011………the year after 2010! Here in South Africa 2010 was a big year in so many ways, but most of all it was the year that we hosted the FIFA World Cup. Many people, businessmen and entrepreneurs dreamt of an empire built on this big event and for some it happened, but for most, sadly, it did not happen. So, here we are already 10 days into 2011 and I cannot help the feelings of anticipation welling up inside me, because I think this year is going to be a good one…….
For my family and I, 2010 presented quite a few challenges, the biggest of course our little girl’s accident on the 9th of October. For those of you who do not know, she fell off a climbing wall at school and had three fractures in her ankle. It has been a long and tiresome journey, but I am glad to report that she started walking again two weeks ago. Although her dad still call her hop-along-cassidy, our hearts are filled with gratitude and love for all the help and assistance we received from family and friends.
Here at My Easy Cooking HQ 2010 was a good year. I have learned many valuable lessons, but I have also gained much confidence  and I cannot wait to put all this into practice. I have set many goals that I want to accomplish in this year and they will unfold step by step as we move further into 2011. My biggest goal however is to make my site even better and more delicious for YOU my dear readers. I want to wow you and rock your world every time you visit, so come with me, let’s take this year head on. We share the ups and the downs, the highs and the lows, but we share it together, you and I! Ready?
Let’s go!

We went to the lovely Hermanus for our holiday and we are fortunate enough to share it with my whole extended family. We plan our holiday around mealtimes and eat far too much, but hey, what so bad about that? We are a bunch of serious carnivores and a picky bunch of carnivores at that too. My mom sources the lambs from a farm in the Overberg long before the holiday even starts and even beef and chickens are carefully selected to ensure the ultimate taste sensation. BTW chicken is regarded as a vegetable or side dish during the holidays, but I am afraid here at My Easy Cooking we will have to eat a lot of chicken and fish to redeem ourselves from the holiday’s over indulgence, because whilst on holiday even our vegetables are sometimes “enhanced” with the additions of meat as in these delicious little Rosemary and Bacon Spuds. These  little spuds are perfect as a side dish or even a snack with drinks. It could also work beautifully as picnic food. I have made them in the oven as well as on the open fire, and I must say that the smokiness from cooking these on the open fire is very hard to beat.

Rosemary and Bacon Spuds


20 baby potatoes
20 strips of streaky bacon
20 sprigs of fresh rosemary
rocket and walnut pesto – optional

Boil the potatoes in a little salted water until they are cooked. Cool slightly. Roll each potato in a strip of bacon and secure with a sprig of rosemary. Place on a baking sheet and drizzle with some olive oil if you are baking them in the oven, otherwise place them on a grid and cook them on the open fire until the bacon is crispy. Serve with some pesto and a salad and you have a feast!
See, what did I tell you. Stay tuned for many more such easy recipes. this is after all My EASY cooking!

My first give-away for 2011 will be up in the next post!