3 course Sandwiches for Meatless Monday

“3 Course Sandwiches!” was my answer to his question. “What are we eating tonight?” After I’ve said it, there was this long prolonged silence which ended in a deep sigh. “Is there a problem honey? I asked very diplomatically. (Sigh)
“No, I just want to get my mind around what to expect, you know how you get all funny and creative with my food on a Friday!” What the heck is that all about? I wondered(and still wonders)..
“I can make you something else!” I said, quite taken aback by his last comment. “No, no honey, I am sure it will be good…if you made it” he said, now treading very lightly……
Anybody who knows me and reads this blog regularly, knows that I LOVE sandwiches. Maybe it is because I love bread, but there is more to it…I love making them, I love giving them and I love eating them of course. I think I could start a website just on sandwiches, in fact I think someone has already. By changing the bread and filling every time you make a sandwich, you could theoretically have a different sandwich everyday for the rest of you life. (I hope hubby doesn’t read this!)
If you just think of the unbelievable array of breads that are available these days, white, brown, wholegrain, wild yeast, sweet potato, rye…..and the list goes on and on! My favorite, as you will see on many of my sandwich recipes, are without a doubt Wild Yeast Ciabatta. I like the rustic appeal of it, I like the burnt bits from the wood fire oven, but above all, I love the chewy texture! A close second on my list of favorite breads, is a good old fashioned seedloaf, and that was my bread of choice for this 3 course sandwich!

If you are looking for a recipe from me, I am going to dissapoint you today, because these sandwiches are so simple to make and  also because I want you to let your imagination run wild with the various fillings and breads.

3 Course Sandwiches

Sandwich #1 
Fried Egg and Emmenthaler Cheese Sandwich with Smoked Red Pepper Flakes

Sandwich #2
Mixed tomato salad with Anchovies and Feta

Sandwich #3
Rocket, Preserved Fig and Blue Cheese
A 3 course meal

Some other ideas for sandwiches are:

Times flies when you’re having fun and yet again it is Monday, which means it is Meatless Monday!
This 3 course sandwich is perfect for this event. If you haven’t joined this movement yet, do consider it, it’ll do you the world of good. 

“This idea of taking one day off from meat is connected to being a little more mindful, stepping back and actually taking stock of what we’re eating — not only on a daily basis, but a weekly basis — and doing a mental check-list before we plow into that rack of ribs. Which, by the way, are delicious.”
-Kim O’Donnel in The Seattle Times