Nina in hospital, testing food…

Nina is as ever at the cutting edge of local cuisine!! Hospital food being her topic of choice this week.
Young Chloe’ our Batwoman in training had a 10 foot fall at the school Fun Fair and as per normal we don’t do anything half…

(perhaps only the photo’s on this post as it is difficult to get the sad and wounded to pose!!)This has obviously lead to an extended stay at which point the local fare has been…
made available for Nina’s sofisticated pallet. Words like cardboard, leather, rubber and takkie have all been mentioned and one wonders what opportunities may lie in Nina being allowed 5min in the hospital kitchen. With this kind of material some kind of Morrocan experience…that tunes into 4 local radio stations while getting a roadlife of some 50 000km’s per set!!

Twitter has been abuzz with her latest issues but she is definitely making her return to this site in the next day or two as we have been advised that Chloe’ may be able to leave in a day or so with a Part 2 to this post in about 6 weeks when the pins have to be removed.
The best wishes, gifts, and wonderful flowers and cards have definitely brightened everyone’s day and a shout out to Wilana her sister who is looking after “the HUSBAND” and Christopher-Graham with the rest of the family.
When last where you “invited” to test hospital food. We are sure that Nina would love to read you comments and experiences on her smart phone while taking in the sites and sounds (and smells) of the Vincent Pallotti Childrens ward.
Till next time!! All our Love The EASY Team!
PS. Any one interested in a guest post…mail info(at) and who knows “vile  ze cats away…”