Chocolate + Caramel + Bananas = Choconanas!

“Chocolate”, “Caramel” and “bananas” must be the most searched  food related words on Google. Combine them in one delightful treat and you are bound to have a winner. Having a winner on Google is always a good thing, but seeing the smiles on my children’s faces when I showed them these Choconanas….well dare I say it was …priceless!
My children love most kinds of fruit and I have learned that it is better to give them smaller portions of fruit than one huge portion(apple) that they will only finish halfway. Sadly though, they do not like bananas much and as much as I try to conceal it in smoothies, cookies or salads, they pick them out and leave it on the side of their plates. I saw this idea many years ago when I helped a friend sell hundreds of these Choconanas at a school fete. The children just loved them and was I absolutely right in thinking that my children will love them too. Covering a banana in chocolate is hardly a healthy piece of advise, but 70% chocolate is good for you, right?  I console myself with the fact that a  banana covered in Chocolate is still better for you than most ice-creams you can buy today so need I give you any more good reasons to try these Chocolate and Caramel coated Bananas, clearly not!

Chocolate + Caramel + Bananas = Choconanas


12 small bananas

250 gr Caramel coating  – I buy it in the baking section of my supermarket
250 gr 70% chocolate chips
12 ice-cream sticks – I use the wooden ones
toasted almonds – optional

Peel the bananas and remove all the stringy bits. Carefully push a wooden stick in each banana, taking care not to split the banana. Place on a plate and freeze overnight is possible! When ready to make the Choconanas, place two pots on the stove with water and bring to the boil. Place two glass bowls over the pots and place the caramel in one pot and the chocolate in the other. Melt the chocolate and caramel until smooth and glossy. Take the frozen bananas and dip into the chocolate  and hold upside down for the excess chocolate to drip off. Repeat with 5 more bananas. Do the same with the other 6 bananas and the caramel. If you want to, you can roll the bananas in chopped nuts after you have taken them from the chocolate or caramel. Place bananas back in the freezer  for at least 30 minutes, if the children can wait that long!!!

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