Nina making air Waves on RSG

News just in is that our very own Nina has just been on the national drive show of radio station RSG. She was her calm self and explained how to make her “famous”…..
 …Rosti while sharing what she is best at with South Africa… 
Amore Bekker famous SA radio personality interviewed her to hear what we have cooking tonight.
An interesting angle is that it is Heart Week and so Nina had to ensure that she is going to be in line with No Cream!! No Butter! Almost Impossible for Nina but she lived up to her promise and made a wonderful first impression that had us drooling!!
Although a predominantly Afrikaans station the English listener ship has grown dramatically over the last few years and this very current and sometimes controversial station ensures that the nation has something to talk about. Rugby on a Monday Morning to Politics,Finance and Food all that you need.
There has been such a massive response to her site since the show, that we have decided to quickly post a link to a previous Rosti recipe. Just Click Here (Rosti) and you will go straight to the recipe or click the recipe links below for variations.
RSG-That’s the one! “Dis die een!”