Easy Pork Recipes – Do you have any?

I have quite a few easy pork recipes on this site already, but you will not be offended if I post another one now, would you? We love eating pork and contrary to what you may believe it is not only for the crackling, although it is a tough one to resist. I love pork, because of its flavor.
It is robust, bold and can stand its ground to just about anything you want to add or serve with it. This recipe is proof of just that.

Before we go on to today’s easy pork recipe, here are a few of my other  delicious pork recipes.

If that was not enough to make you want to try your hand at cooking pork, let’s get to today’s recipe. For this cut of pork you need to make friends with your butcher. This is not a piece of meat that you would easily find in the meat isle of your supermarket. I find that flattery helps a lot, so next time you buy something simple like a kg/lbs of mince, tell the butcher it is the best mince you have ever had, rant and rave about it, make him feel good!! I find this works well for me, I can ask him anything and he will always be willing to help! So once you have your butcher on your side, ask him for a rack of pork, just like a rack of lamb and tell him just how many bones you want in, in other words, if you cut it, how many chops will you have. For my family it is 4 bones and it weighed about 1kg/2.2lbs. I also asked him to remove the outer layer of  rind/fat.

Rack of Pork and Beans 

1kg/2.2lbs rack of pork or any other cut you might want to use.
olive oil
2 tins of white beans – drained
fresh thyme
Dry rub for the pork

2 tsp mustard seeds
2 tsp dry bell pepper flakes
2 tsp  ground pepper
2 tsp smoked paprika
2 tsp dry coriander – roasted and ground
2 tsp dry oregano
2 tsp dry thyme
2 tsp dry rosemary
1 heaped tsp brown sugar

Mix all the spices together. Season the pork with some salt, I try and find little gaps in the meat and stuff some salt in there too. For this piece of meat I use about 2 tsp salt. Now take some olive oil and rub it all over the meat, followed by the dry rub until the whole piece of meat is evenly coated.Let it rest for about 20-30 minutes. Heat the oven to 180º C. Place the meat in a oven-proof casserole, allow enough space for the beans to be added later. Roast meat open for about 1 hour, test to see if it is done. When a skewer is inserted, does the juices run clear? If not, pop it back into the oven for another 30 minutes.Add the beans to the casserole and mix with the pan juices. If you have no pan juice, add a little bit of water. Place casserole back in the oven for about 20 minutes, until beans have warmed and taken on some of that lovely flavor. Sprinkle with some fresh thyme and serve with veggies and maybe some mashed potatoes or some creamy polenta!

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