Fairview Bloggers Competition – let the voting begin!

Fairview Bloggers Competition, sounds easy doesn’t it? Recipe has to include Fairview Camembert, still no problem right? Wait until you see the food gurus I am up against and you will know that I am stress  beyond belief, because no longer am I the cook with the one I in the land of the blind bloggers.
Oh no, I am finding myself totally out of my own comfort zone…..this is going to be one tough competition…..

Let me just get this off my chest…I LOVE Fairview. Last year my husband flew to PE and he brought me a Fairview Cheese Platter from the plane( like so many times before). This time however, the cheese were not  to my satisfaction,  some were dried out and some a lot smaller than what I was used to… I called Fairview and within a couple of hours they delivered a brand new Cheese platter to my doorstep in Pinelands,  even thanked me for my observation because it helped them with quality issues. THAT is good service! Needless to say, when I buy soft cheeses, I buy Fairview so when they announced a Bloggers Competition I did not need two invites…

I decided to keep it simple by using the cheese almost in it’s original form. I have made Baked Camembert before and served it with bread sticks and prosciutto,  This time I wanted to try it in a pasta dish using a different kind of pasta…..so here goes!!

Butternut Fettuccine with Baked Camembert, biltong and Fried Sage
Serves 2-4

250gr Butternut Fettuccine
1 Small Fairview Camembert
fresh rosemary
2 cloves of garlic – cut in thin strips
1 chili
beef biltong – slightly on the pink side
fresh sage leaves

 Preheat oven to 160C. Take cheese from their wrappers and  take the tip of a sharp knife and cut out a circle smaller than the cheese. Do NOT cut all the way through, work carefully and remove the “lid”! Drizzle the cheese with olive oil and press pieces of garlic, rosemary and chili into the cheese. Place on a baking sheet and bake for 5-10 minutes. Watch all the time, you want a soft runny cheese, do not let the cheese melt completely. In the meantime cook the pasta until it reaches “al dente” phase. Drain and place in a bowl. Take the cheeses from the oven and serve it at the table, holding the cheese so the gooey inside can just run into the pasta. For sure a show stopping moment. Top with shavings of the wet biltong, fried sage leaves, sea salt and pepper.

For the fried sage leaves – heat some oil in a pan and when it is sizzling, add the individual sage leaves and let them fry for a few seconds, Remove and drain on kitchen toweling.

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