Sticky Chicken – only 3 ingredients, I promise!

I have various recipes for sticky chicken because on Fridays we eat finger food and for my children finger food would not be the same without Sticky chicken. Many years ago there was a big craze for cooking chicken in all kinds of liquid. Fruit juice and Coke are the ones I remember vividly.
I think I tried the Coke version once, but it was nothing to jump up and down about. When a friend told me a while ago about this crazy recipe to cook chicken in Coke, I was not impressed at all. She did tell me the secret though…….
Last year some time, I tried cooking chicken in fruit juice again and it was quite a hit around my table. My family named it Sweet and Sour Chicken and since then that is the version of Sweet and Sour Chicken that we use even though I will score 0 for authenticity. No sign of soy, ginger, garlic or any typical Chinese spice, but it works for my family.  Cooking Chicken in Coke and expect to get sticky chicken….. No Ways! I was not convinced, but I am a sucker for not giving up so  I gave it one last shot!
What makes this recipe even more amazing is that the recipe calls for 3 ingredients people 1…..2…..3! How easy is that? Are you daring enough to try? I guarantee you sticky chicken!

Sticky Chicken


8 pieces of chicken – thighs and drumsticks
2 tins of Coke
1/2 cup soy sauce

Place the chicken pieces in a heavy based pot. Pour the Coke and soy over the top, cover with a lid and cook for 30-40 minutes. Remove the lid and lower the heat. Cook the chicken slowly, turning the pieces every now and then.  The sauce will reduce down to a stick consistency. Serve with Mashed potatoes and some greens.
 If you want to add some salt, you are most welcome, but we do not. The soy provides enough salt to this dish.


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