A Chicken Sandwich with a Moroccan inspiration.

Share A chicken sandwich is just one of the old favorites that one never grows weary of. Whenever we have roast chicken, my family’s first response is: “Yeah, chicken mayo for our lunchboxes”. Through experience I have learned to always roast two chickens or extra portions to use for sandwiches and salads the next day.
When making a chicken sandwich, there are a few key elements that I want in my sandwich.
First up, is my choice of bread. For me, it has to be white bread, not mass produced super-refined cardboard, but good Old-Style crusty white bread.
Secondly, I like crispy lettuce on my chicken sandwich. Whether you use ice-berg, rocket or butter lettuce does not really matter, I just use what I have available in the garden.My perfect chicken sandwich has to have a few slices of tomato. Thick slices of organically grown tomatoes are hard to beat! Now we come to the star ingredient of my favorite chicken sandwich….the chicken. I prefer the chicken to be roasted rather than boiled because it just adds a different dimension of flavor to this simple, yet delicious sandwich. I am sure you have your own ways of roasting chicken, but if you are looking for that perfect roast chicken recipe, why not try this Spicy Spatchcock Chicken , Lemon Chicken Breasts, Juicy Grilled Chicken Breasts or my full-proof way of making roast chicken.
This time however I wanted to ring the changes with some spicy, aromatic Moroccan flavors. Ready to cook, let’s do it!

Chicken Sandwich with Moroccan Spices


4 plum chicken breasts – with skin and bone
1 tsp chili powder
3 tsp fennel seeds
2 tsp cumin seeds
1 tsp paprika
olive oil
zest and juice of a lemon
2 cloves garlic

Pre heat oven to 180. Dry fry the fennel and cumin seeds together, stamp it in a pestle and mortar and with all the other ingredients make a marinade and rub all over the chicken breasts. Place the chicken breasts in a oven proof dish. cover with foil. Let the chicken  rest for about 30 minutes and then roast in the preheated oven for about  40 minutes. Covering the dish with foil ensures that the breast almost steams before it starts roasting resulting in a plump juicy piece of meat. You can remove the foil for the last 5 minutes, just to brown the meat slightly.

To make the chicken Mayo

1 chili – seeded and chopped
1 handful of fresh mint
a little fresh coriander
plain yogurt
a squeeze of lemon 

Once the chicken has cooled down sufficiently, remove all the bones and skin and place in a food processor with the chili, mint and coriander. Add about 1 heaped tbsp yogurt and about 2 tbsp mayo and pulse the machine to mix all the ingredients. If the mixture is to dry, add more mayo or yogurt, constantly tasting to suit your taste buds. Add a squeeze of lemon juice to just enhance all the flavors. Now you are ready to assemble your sandwich…..

For this sandwich I chose a wild yeast ciabatta….it is white bread, right?
Slice and butter the bread. Place the lettuce of your choice on top.
  Cut thick slices of tomato for your sandwich. Season well with salt and pepper.
If you want to add some avocado slice, feel free to do so…
Spoon the chicken mayo on top …and there you have it…My favorite Chicken Sandwich with Moroccan Spices