Easy Snacks – Pea Pesto on Toasted Bruschetta

These easy snacks have saved my b…..(you know what) several times in the last few weeks. Although I am getting up earlier and earlier every morning, my days seem to just not be long enough.
I try and do most of my baking, publishing, editing and photo shooting in the morning so that I can be there for my children when school ends , so things are pretty hectic around here.

A few times in the last couple of weeks I had to quickly make something for supper, because it was almost 6 and dad would be home for supper soon. It is then, that I had to revert to these easy snacks to save the day…. and believe me it did. My family loves this kind of eating! It is easy to handle, easy to make and very easy on the waistline….

Pestos are easiest thing to make and if you get the basics right, you can chop and change flavors to suite your palate or  the ingredients that you have available. Some of my favorites are Basil Pesto, Thai Pesto, Rocket and Walnut pesto, Sun-dried tomato Pesto and I am sure you can add even more flavors.
Last week I tried my hand at Pea Pesto and I think it will be somewhere around the top of my list of favorites from now on. It is so fresh, the color is so vibrant and the taste is just to-die-for…….

Pea Pesto
2 cups frozen peas – blanched for 4 minutes2 cloves garlic
1 chili
fresh basil and mint – I would say about  1 handful 
zest and juice of a lemon2 handfuls freshly grated parmesan cheese
Drain the peas and cool in ice water to retain the color. P lace all the ingredients in your food processor and blitz until you have the acquired consistency….we like it coarse….  Spread on toasted ciabatta and finish off with Parmesan shavings, a drizzle of oil and some crushed black pepper……Delish!!!
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