Snack recipes – S’mores!

Snack recipes, if you have kids in the house, are a must. Although we try and keep the snacks healthy and nutritious during the week, it is ok over weekends to indulge into all things yummee and sweet…..especially when there is a sleepover involved. When I say sweet, I mean something really sweet like….S’mores!!!

We had an extremely busy week, music recitals, tests, soccer matches and to top it all a series of test. Sometimes I don’t know how the children handle all this pressure if it is almost too must for me to cope with. So this morning when I woke up, realizing it is Friday, I was jumping with relief. Now, back to S’mores.

A S’more is a sweet, chocolaty treat enjoyed at campfires all across America and Canada and yes even here in South Africa. It consists of a roasted marshmallow, some chocolate and 2 graham crackers. The word “s’more” means “some more as in “give me some more”!
The children use long sticsk and place a marshmallow on the front and then roast it on the oven fire, As soon as the marshmallow is starting to brown on the outside, it is placed in between the 2 biscuits with with chocolate….the idea being that the heat from the sweet will melt the chocolate. Although I can see the climate changing towards Spring, it is still very cold here and the idea of a campfire does not sound very appealing to me. I decided to tweak the recipe somewhat, but the result was everything you would expect from a S’more….sweet, chocolaty, gooey and moreish!!!
We have a biscuit here in South Africa, called a Marie Biscuit and they have just brought out a new flavor…cappuccino! The very first time, I tasted these biscuits, I knew these little gems were destined for something greater…..and S’mores it is!!!



Marie biscuits or graham crackers
1 slab 70% Lindt chocolate
hazelnuts – roasted and ground

Place a marshmallow on a Marie biscuit and microwave for a few seconds – less than 5. You will see the marshmallow double in size, quickly take the biscuit with the marshmallow out and place another biscuit on top, making a sandwich. Repeat this process until you have as many s’mores as you want.

Break the chocolate in pieces and melt over hot water. Use chop sticks the dip the biscuit sandwiches in the chocolate and then in the hazelnuts. Place them on a cooling rack until the chocolate is hard. 1 Slab of Lindt can coat about 8 biscuit sandwiches. Store between layers of wax paper.