Quesidillas – Beef, Avo and Corn

Quesidillas, when made properly, is a delight to eat. It is easy to make, gentle on the pocket and you can have your meal in less than 10 minutes….
However, there are few things I hate more than to bite into a a quesidilla, expecting to eat something gooey and soft and then having to deal with a chewy piece of steak!!!!
I have tried to marinade my meat, bought well-matured steak, but still I was not getting satisfactory results.I saw some tenderized steak at the market the other day and decided to give them a try. I cut the steak into thick strips, gave them a light dusting with seasoned flour and and shallow fried them in some olive oil.

Beef, Avocado and Corn Quesidillas

Steak strips
corn cut from 2 cobs
white cheddar cheese
1 chopped chilli
flour tortillas

Use 1 tortilla per person. Cut tortilla in half, place all the filling ingredients on top and top with the other half of the tortilla. Place on the griller and cook until cheese is all gooey and melted. Perfection. The steak was everything I had hoped it would be, soft, tender, still juicy and not at all chewy!! I will definitely make this again soon!!!