Grilled Skate


I had good intentions to do a special post for Easter….something chocolaty and sweet, but sadly I just did not get around doing that!!! I am busy with my new website(hopefully one that will earn money) so I spend every waking moment trying to perfect my new site!
I also haven’t cooked anything for about a week….hubby and the children are away so I had a lazy week in the kitchen!
Traditionally here in SA people eat Pickled Fish on Easter Friday and I am sure my mom made some(we are visiting them for the Easter Weekend), I however leave your with another fish meal that we had a while back. Skate with Butter and Chives
Skate falls in the Orange group on the SASSI list. This means that:

“These species may be legally sold by registered commercial fishers and retailers. However, an increased demand for these could compromise a sustainable supply, due to one or more of the following reasons:
  • The species may presently be rare because they are overfished.
  • The fishery that catches them may damage the environment through the method used and/or high bycatch.
  • The biology of the species makes it vulnerable to overfishing, or it may not have been adequately studied, but it is suspected that it will be unable to sustain heavy fishing pressure based on information for related species.
  • Consumers are encouraged to consider the implications of these choices.”

I bought my fish from a reputable fish monger, so I thought it was OK!. I simply fried the fish in some olive oil and butter and served it with more butter and chopped chives(flowers included). A delicious meal indeed.

Happy Easter everyone!!!!!