A Birthday Party for my son…but fun was had by all.

PhotobucketTo plan a birthday party so shortly after the holiday season can be challenging to say the least. The first thing that I had to consider was that at age 11 boys are not too keen to do the cupcake and Pass-the parcel parties.
The second consideration was a limited budget after the lovely holiday we had and the third point to consider was the fact that most of his school friends are still away on holiday.

PhotobucketWe gave him three choices of places to go and thankfully for us, he chose the Muizenberg Waterslides. I packed a picnic basket with lots of goodies to eat, drink and snack on and we had a wonderful day out in the sun. After about 7 hours of non-stop fun , we returned with exhausted children, wonderful memories and a reminder that children do not necessarily seek the glitz and the glamour…they are happy and content with time spent together as a family.