Mini Caprese Salads


Insalata Caprese requires so little effort, yet when you serve it, your guests usually get the impression that “this woman can cook”! The secret to a good Caprese Salad starts with the freshest ingredients and the best extra virgin olive oil that you can afford. So basically this is a summer salad, because of the ingredients.
Here in Cape Town we are now having wonderful summer weather and most of our meals are enjoyed alfresco. With the abundance of tomatoes and fresh basil available now, this was the perfect choice for a “light” lunch that I had to cater for last week. I got this idea from my good friend Sophia that I told you about earlier.

I did some research on all the recipes for “the perfect” Insalata Caprese and adding olives is technically wrong, so I will name these then “Nina’s Insalata Caprese”. I hope I am not offending anyone.

What you need is:

Mini Caprese Salads

Boccinini – or sliced mozzarella if you are making a big salad.
cocktail tomatoes or ripe tomatoes, sliced – for a big salad
fresh basil
good extra virgin olive oil
sea salt and freshly ground pepper.

No vinegar goes into a Insalata Caprese