Chicken and Mushroom supper !

Have you ever made a meal that you had not planned at all and then it turns out to be one of your best meals ever? Well, at the moment it feels as if every day should have at least 3-4 hours more.
I am constantly on the move with gardening, playing mom’s taxi and making the last preparations for our Spring Fair on the 1 November. This afternoon at 5 o’clock I realized with a shock that I have not even thought about supper yet……. I had some chicken breasts in the fridge so I quickly de-boned them and then the recipe just happened……

Chicken and Mushroom supper

4 chicken breasts – deboned, but keep skin on…
4 “sticks” of Danish Feta – about the thickness of a thick crayon
4 spring onion
250gr button mushrooms – sliced
salt and pepper
1 can cream of chicken soup
1/2 cup white wine.

Place the chicken breasts (one at a time) between 2 layers of plastic wrap and flatten with a meat mallet.
Take one stick of the feta and a spring onion and roll inside a chicken breast. Repeat with other breasts.
Heat a pan with some olive oil and place chicken breasts in the pan( flap side down). Brown the chicken on all sides, add the mushrooms and also brown slightly. Add the wine and chicken soup, cover the pan and cook for about 10 minutes. Open the lid and let the sauce reduce to a lovely thick consistency. Add some chopped chives right at the end and serve with fluffy white rice…..