Cheesecake in a neat little bundle!

I made this dessert a while back, but never got to post it. I have given you this recipe before, but this time I poured the mixture in a Phyllo bundle and the result was very dramatic and guests were raving about my cooking skills. ( little do they know…)

For the cheesecake recipe, simply click here:

You do not need a biscuit base, so only make the cheesecake mixture.

You will need 6 sheets of Phyllo pastry – spread the sheets with melted butter and lay 2 sheets on top of each other. So that you now have 3 double sheets. Cut each “double” sheet in 4 so that you now have 12 squares. Take the 4 points of a square together with one hand and leave a little gap is quite tricky. Now slowly pour some of the cheesecake mixture into the little bundle. Close up by pressing the points together. Repeat with the other squares. Bake for about 10-12 minutes and leave in the oven for a while while the cheesecake sets. Serve with a fresh berries of your choice. I hope you are better at spun sugar than me…..the humidity did not help either…